ethan's two year pictures

I took Ethan's two year pictures this afternoon, a day later than intended thanks to the unrelenting Florida afternoon thunderstorms, but still a day I was equal parts anticipating (it'll be nice to have a series of photos that didn't come from my phone, after all) and dreading (the cold, hard realization that my baby is nearly two).

What I wanted in Ethan's two year pictures was simple: I wanted Ethan as he is now at two. I wanted him to wear his everyday clothing and be photographed doing something that he loves the most now at two years old. This is how I want all of Ethan's yearly birthday photos to be done: Ethan as he is at that point in time, doing whatever it is he loves the most -- whether every year is taken in the same location, or whether he's just sitting holed up in his room with a book (you know, if he takes after me growing up). He sported a mystery scratch on his face that he says the doggie did (the obvious flaw in that story being that we don't have a dog) and hair matted down with sweat from his helmet and the hot, humid Florida weather. Naturally, we chose the skatepark as the location of choice and what made this super special was that it was Ethan's first time being granted access inside the skatepark, able to venture around the ramps that we spend so much time watching "the big kids" skate on.

Of course, Ethan is turning two and that paired with the fact I think his sweet little heart was truly anticipating being able to skate like the teenagers he's so enamored with resulted in a whole lot of this:

But that's Ethan at two, with his hot temper and uncanny ability to fling himself onto the floor in the perfect tantrum of arm flailing and feet kicking. Of course, he's almost two, and it's never anything that a chocolate chip cookie and a cool bottle of water can't fix.

Take two, with the addition of a chocolatey smile. The best kind.

And so it is, my perfectly perfect little boy is now almost perfectly two.

I've received a couple of e-mails lately asking for details on Ethan's skater swag and that makes me giggle because I'm fairly certain our little family just may be the worst dressed people on the planet. (Fashion sense? What's that?) But here are the details on Ethan's wardrobe and skate accessories for this photoshoot, which you'll likely catch him wearing/toting around on the regular.

Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Shirt: Volcom
Shoes: DC Shoes
Helmet: Triple 8
Hat: Shaun White (Target)
Balance bike: Strider


  1. These photos are precious!! He is going to be such a heartbreaker with those eyes! How is it our boys are two year olds?!

  2. So cute! And such a great idea to have him doing what he loves!

  3. OMG your little boy is such a cutie! I love having a little boy to experience stuff like this. Happy birthday Ethan.


  4. He is so stinking cute!


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