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This little blog of mine has been strangely quiet, I feel, over the last few days. Based on the burning of my eyes and the extreme levels of exhaustion that I've sunk into bed feeling lately, I'm still quick to say the posts haven't been put off due to strangely busy days. We had some Tropical Storm action this week which resulted in day after day of miserable weather -- floods, black skies, thunder crashing so loudly you fly out of bed in a panic. It's not that this bad weather is anything other than inconvenient (should I mention Ethan's outdoor swim lessons are supposed to start on Monday?), it's just that it's affected Ethan's breathing so terribly. So terribly. Since it all began, he's been a miserable, cranky, rattling mess. Running from one end of our small house to the other, he builds up this rattle in his chest and this horrible, barking cough that I swear I hear in my nightmares. It's been back to the grindstone of breathing treatments every four hours, corticosteroids for his lungs and trying to convince a nearly two-year-old little boy that he wants to sit and relax and catch his breath. The rain hasn't helped. The meandering walks in his stroller to feed the ducks have been put off by storms and instead we've been going a little stir-crazy (this morning he tried to ride his plastic scooter bike off of our bed) and a little worried about his asthma. Last night was the first night in well over a year we had to carry him out of bed to do a middle-of-the-night breathing treatment and it was just as horribly sad as I remember it being when he was a little baby. I'm not a fan of this asthma business.

Still, we've mainly kept busy with tot school and various art projects including one particularly gloomy day when I taped up huge pieces of bubblewrap to the walls of our tot school classroom, filled an egg carton with paint and let him go nuts. Stephanie at Two-Daloo is always quick to mention that not all art projects need to be hung for display and I've been trying to work on that (I'm a little bit of an Ethan's Artwork hoarder) and working on bigger canvases.

As Ethan creeps closer to two, I've found it interesting how his art becomes more intricate as well. He's more concerned with covering specific areas fully with paint, making sure the nooks and crannies have been tended to, and he's very descriptive about what he's drawing or doing. "Bubble wrap paint" is the latest phrase to grace his vocabulary, and he found it especially cool when he'd use one of the pointed tips of the paintbrushes to pop the bubbles.


  1. Reading makes me so so sad. It reminds me of my high-school days - when I had my first asthma attack and subsequent sleepless nights. It was horrible... I suffered for 2 years. I cannot imagine your little baby going through all this. I hope the bad weather gets better and he becomes ok too. Well I am not sure of your medicinal choices, but Homeopathic treatment for 3 years did do the trick for me (medicine works slowly, but never had a repeat of it again). I am not sure if you believe in such treatments, please take it only as a suggestion - I am no expert. :(

    I love the bubble wrap painting... he is so adorable :)

    1. Thank you! <3 My medicinal choices is simple: whatever works and helps my baby! I'm definitely very naturally minded, as is our amazing pediatrician. She's never pushed medication on us for anything, and it was even her idea to treat my son's reflux naturally! She's amazing. I definitely prefer a holistic approach first and we do a little of everything: salt therapy, essential oils, etc. Actually, the thing that has helped TREMENDOUSLY for us has been chiropractic care! Since we started bringing Ethan in for regular adjustments, he's not had to use his nebulizer at ALL until now! This is the first time, with this strand of horrible weather, that his breathing has suffered enough to require regular treatments! Chiropractic care has been amazing for him. Whenever he gets really sick (like, double ear infection, strep throat, etc. sick), his asthma acts up for a day or two, but this has been the first time in so long we've had to do regular treatments. :( Knock on wood, today it seems to be significantly better!

    2. I am going to research about Chiropractic care, it sounds awesome (and it might come in handy, because Aarya(son) could get asthma). I am so glad - he is better. God Bless.

    3. Do you mind if I link to this post in my post on paint/art?

  2. Poor baby :( So sorry he is having a rough time. On the flip side, I LOVE the bubble wrap painting on the walls! Once things calm down for you guys (and for us) we should talk about bringing back Toddler Art Tuesdays- an encore is in order ;)


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