going through the motions

Sometimes life has this funny way of forcing you to slow down. Sometimes it's not a very welcomed way, like waking up with a double ear infection, sinus infection, sore throat and pink eye. Sometimes this whole big mess decides it wants to rear it's annoying-unrelenting-feverish self in the middle of your husband's busiest time at work, causing each day to solely go on thanks in part to Grandma. The motto of the last few days has been, undoubtedly, thank goodness for Grandma.

And so it's been a few days of camping out on the couch surrounded by prescriptions, tissues and matzoball soup. Ethan has been going to Grandma's in the morning and coming home for bedtime, looking at me cautiously and pointing out "mommy boo-boo" and, oh my goodness, I miss this boy. For a child who has never favored sleep, he has been climbing into his bed and whispering "night night mommy" and my moments with him are limited to watching him fall asleep on the video monitor. I like this less than the eye drops and the hacking cough that leaves your lungs screaming for help. (Did I mention our kitchen sink pipes burst and our kitchen is now unusable until the plumber is able to come -- on Monday? Because there's that, too.)

I'm looking forward to escaping the confines of this home, the aches and pains and coughs, and setting out to truly explore the summer with Ethan, splashing in the ocean and starting his next session of swim lessons and seeking refuge from the heat in the comfort of MyGym classes and indoor museums we've never yet visited. These are the thoughts, along with the soup and mashed potatoes and icy cold bottles of water, that are keeping me going. And Grandma, too. Thank goodness for Grandma.

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