curious ethan's 2nd birthday party!

The day has come and gone, and I think that Curious Ethan's 2nd birthday party was a success! Ethan's 1st birthday party with it's over 120 guests was a little chaotic and so I vowed -- mostly for my husband's sanity -- to do things a little smaller scale this year. The truth is, I absolutely love throwing these parties and all of the planning, crafting, chaos that goes into it. It's fun for me. I think somewhere the memo started being shared that Pinterest exists out of parental obligation, or to make other people feel bad when they don't do crafty things for parties, and it makes me sad to keep reading things like this because, really, I love it. And I love doing it because it's fun. I'm not even good at it, but I love it, so I will forever continue staying up until the wee hours of the night working on craft project after project for Ethan's birthday parties and pining over all of the little details that no one will notice until I frankly don't enjoy it anymore.

I have a few "details" posts coming up, but we opted to throw Ethan's 2nd birthday party at MyGym. Ethan has been attending MyGym classes since he was eight weeks old and his two teachers, Mr. Lee & Mrs. Karen, have become more like family at this point in Ethan's life. It was a complete no-brainer to have Ethan's party at MyGym and from there, all of the other details tied in perfectly. (I could use all the "go bananas" and "monkey around" puns I wanted, all in the comfort of MyGym's color scheme which matched beautifully to our Curious George theme! Fate? Yes, I think so. Ten points for MyGym Coconut Creek!)

The party was at 10:00 a.m., so we served plain bagels cut into quarters with butter or cream cheese, hummus cups with yellow pepper slices, applesauce, banana pudding, veggie straws and fruit.

My friend had the fabulous suggestion of tying one balloon to each goodie bag, thus solving the inevitable "balloon waste" problem. This way, the balloons were displayed beautifully and each kid got to bring one home! The few extra balloons we had were tied onto rings (thanks to Miss Karen's brilliant idea!) and placed on the countertops as centerpieces.

My friend did the amazing cake and cake pops -- the cake pops were colored to match the balloons!

Set up began at 8:45 a.m. for our 10:00 a.m. party and was finished with the help of my amazing, awesome, fabulous friends!

Instead of party hats, I made Curious George masks for all of the kids, thanks to the awesome printable on PBS online! Also, my Birthday Party Must is to put someone other than myself in charge of photographs! This year, the photographs were made possible by my teenage sister's good friend, Riya, who served as the Curiously Good Photographer of the day!

During circle time, Miss Karen announced a special guest who had just arrived...


It was an awesome day! Ethan had a blast celebrating his second birthday with all of our wonderful friends and family -- and his favorite monkey, too!

Ethan's Curious George birthday tee - Magical Memories
Party location - My Gym Coconut Creek - 6504 North State Road 7, Coconut Creek, FL
Monkey character - Character Adventures
Food display stands - I made them! (Tutorial to come!)
George Masks - PBS
Balloons - Bulk Balloons
Cake and pops - Courtesy of my BFF! South and Central Floridians, if you need a cake or some pops, I'd love to give you her contact information!
Bagels - Bagels And A Whole Lot More, 10281 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL


  1. Thanks for having us! Johnny had a great time!! Everything looked so cute and you are officially a Pinterest Pro!! :)

  2. Wow, super mom! Everything turned out perfectly! So many details and it looks like so much fun!

  3. WOW! I think I would crawl in a hole if I had 120 people on my list, so props to you for not ending up in the looney bin. Adorable party :)

  4. All I can say is, WOW!!! What a Party!! Awesome job! Can I be invited to bday #3?! next year?! Lol!

  5. You did a fantastic job! Happy birthday Ethan!

  6. Such a precious party!! I love the Curious George theme!!

  7. wow, it looks amazing! I love making things for parties too, but mine don't come out nearly as cute. I'm planning Simon's 3rd b.day now - I want to do a guest sign in thing too. Was that a blank book or a curious george story book you used? I love Ethan's shirt, your dress, the fact that curious george was there, all the bright colors, the favor bags, and everything else!

    1. I am obsessed with guest sign-ins, but my problem is no one ever sees them! I think I walk up to each guest and point out my sign-in book, ha! Out of 22 children at the party, I think I got 10 signatures this go-round. Oh well! It's still a cute keepsake! This one was a storybook that my mom had found on sale at the educational store. Last year, I used Ethan's tiny toy radio flyer wagon (for dolls, not the actual sized one) and called it a "wish wagon" and had little cards for people to leave him a wish. I put holes in the wish cards and put a binder ring through them to keep them together! It was cute, but I think I like the book idea better!

      And, please! Your parties are AMAZING!

  8. I love your theme this year--everything turned out great. I love the Curious George masks and the treat bags! Your dress is so pretty, too. Congrats, Ethan!

  9. I love your party ideas. What are on the paper balloons?

  10. hi i love everything you did :) can i know what did you put inside the favor bags ?? thanks!

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  13. Hi there. I'm just wondering for the loot bags did you print out the face of curious George? And where did you get the templates?

    Thank you

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