curious ethan's 2nd birthday party: the details!

I'm not a crafty person by nature. I don't think I ever made a single thing until Ethan's first birthday party in which case I felt overwhelmed and on the brink of insanity. As time went on, I started to really, really enjoy crafting while hoping that I somehow became good at it. I'm still learning, but this time around, I really had fun making things for Ethan's second birthday party and taking those first small steps into the world of making-not-ordering things! Here's a little glimpse into some of the things I made for his Curious George party this past weekend, as well as all of the little details that went missed in my main party post!


Alright, these I definitely didn't make. The amazing invitations came from Dizzy Design Studio. Aren't they cute?! She was amazing to work with and I loved everything about these invitations, right down to the fact you can customize what your little Curious Baby looks like.

In each invitation, I had one of these cards and the stamped envelope. If people wanted, in lieu of gifts, we were collecting donations for the Global Links Nebulizer Campaign to provide nebulizers (or breathing treatment machines) to those in need. (That's who I'm blogging for, too!) We figured Ethan didn't really need anything, but other children certainly did.


Oh man, the party favors. I spent so much time on these, it's not funny. I think my husband breathed the biggest sigh of relief when the party ended and we could get our dining room table back. It was important to me to give the kids some really curiously fun bags without any candy or things like that in them.

I ended up making two bags: one for kids over 2, and one for kids under 2.

Under Two:

The under two bags contained:
- Bag of "monkey munch"
-A Happy Tot puree pouch
- My True Nature natural bubble bath
- Crayons and a Curious George coloring sheet

Over Two:

The over two bags contained:
- Bag of "monkey munch"
- Two jars of finger paint
- Tickle Me Plant seed packet
- Container of moon sand (and the recipe!)
- My True Nature bath bubbles

Both bags had contained Ethan's favorite thing ever - My True Nature bath bubbles in the cutest little bottles. These bubbles are pure, natural and contain plant-based cleansers that leave your little one in bubble heaven! I was so excited to be able to share this amazing product from one awesome company with all of our guests!


I made all of the food display stands at Ethan's party, and I was pretty proud of them! I went to the local Goodwill and picked up wine glasses ($0.10!), vases ($0.25!) and candle sticks ($0.90!) as well as other clear plastic or glass trays, platters, plates and bowls (all under $1!). From there, I took some Epoxy and attached the sticks or glasses to the bottom of the plates:

Once they were dried and washed for the first time (I let them sit for a full week because I'm neurotic), I spray painted them yellow, red and blue. The plus to using glass or clear plastic is you only spray paint the bottom side to the platters. That way, the entire thing looks painted without paint actually touching the surface that comes in contact with the food!

Ta Da!

I feel like my nights are now a little too empty without all my party-favor-assembling and spray-painting going on, but it's also nice to no longer have a dining room table that doubles as a moon sand factory.


  1. Wow everything looks super amazing! Well done you. So lovely of you to suggest donating to charity in place of a gift! xx

  2. I've resigned on doing any themed parties...I'll hire you next time :)

  3. WOW!!! very impressive! love all the favors and display stands you made. Very clever.
    gem :)

  4. Everything looked amazing!!
    I am so excited that Johnny's bag is the feature "under 2" bag!! Woohoo we are so special :)

  5. Congratulations on your sweet sweet boy turning two!! The party looks amazing - down to ever single spectacular detail. I'm sure it was a blast! Cheers to two darling Ethan :)

  6. WOW what amazing work you did! Way to go Ethan's party was sooo unique...love it!

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