father's day keepsake card and gift

Ethan and I have been crafting up a storm for Father's Day. Unfortunately, my husband knows all about this little blog of mine and reads it regularly so I've been keeping mum about the crafts going on in this house while he's at work (and it's been killing me!). Double unfortunately, both of Ethan's grandpa's know about this blog, too, so I thought I was going to exempt from sharing Father's Day gift ideas. As luck would have it (literally), my dad is in the Bahamas (see? Literally!) and I'm going to assume that catching up on this blog isn't on the top of his to-do list before he returns home on Sunday. What better opportunity for me to share Ethan's Father's Day gift to my dad.

I mentioned before my dad likes fishing, and Ethan loves fish, so "fish" is always the theme of whatever we're making for my dad. If I'm being totally honest, I made this card from Ethan during his naptime and his participation was limited to helping me choose the gift card at Starbucks this morning. Still, this little card makes a perfect keepsake, too.

Here's what you need:

Construction paper (I used light blue for the backing and a deep blue for the waves), magnetic tape, glue, stick of some sort, string, scissors and a gift card of your choosing.

I cut out the waves and applied glue to the sides and bottom only. Once the glue dried, it was the perfect pocket for hiding a gift card. I took a stirrer stick from our tot school stash (though I imagine a popsicle stick or any kind of twig from outdoors would work perfectly, too!) and a piece of jute twine, and tied the twine to the stick. I cut a small square of construction paper and glued it to the loose end of the twine, affixing a piece of magnetic tape do it once the glue was completely dried. I attached a small square of magnetic tape to the front of the gift card and there you have it. Easy enough, and super cute!


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