ethan's music nook, a makeover

When we bought our house, one thing my husband really wanted to upgrade right away was the wall in our living room. We wasted no time having the wall extended and having a built-in entertainment center put in. It looks great and was a major upgrade but I have to laugh at how that wall still changes with us over the years. Case in point, the area which used to store my DVD's now stores Ethan's puzzles and toy cars. Anyway, the only downside to our built-in entertainment center wall was that there was this huge wall space just sitting there, blank, unused and unloved -- and this was the first wall you saw when you walked in our front door, or walked down the hallway from Ethan's room. We just never put anything there except for around Christmas when we annually stick our tree up in front of the wall just because there are no other options. When I was working at an animal hospital after college, I had one of the nurses who was an amazing artist commission us a beautiful painting to place on the wall to give it some life and for years it did, but the emptiness of the wall still drove me a little nuts. It just felt like there was so much wall sitting empty, so much space that could be utilized -- if only I was crafty (I'm not).

So, I finally felt inspired enough to do something about it and put together Ethan's little music nook. I kind of love it (and, thankfully, so does Ethan!).

I went to Wal-Mart and chose some fabric for $0.75 per quarter yard. I also picked up a package of cork squares. These were supposed to be put nicely into a frame but, like most of my Pinterest attempts, ended up a smashed, cracked nightmare and didn't happen. Giving myself the night off to think it through and move onto Plan B, I decided to just wrap two of the cork squares with some of the fabric. I stapled the fabric onto the cork squares and attached them to the wall. With my leftover fabric, I traced and cut triangles and then fastened them using plain ol' glue (I'm no crafter, please believe) to some thick black ribbon. I wanted to give the pennant banner a little bit of an edgy feel so I used double-sided wall hanging tape to give it some lifts and curves in the way it's hung. I also was a total vinyl hoarder in college and happened to decide I wouldn't miss these two bluegrass albums that were shoved in my closet sans sleeve, so I sacrificed them by turning them into chalkboards.

My plan for the bulletin boards would be to eventually fill them up with pictures, middle-school-locker style. I figure when Ethan's friends come over and they play with the instruments, those would make some sweet pictures, too. Because I'm not one to deny my hoarding skills, I also have some show fliers from back in high school when my husband played in a band, and I thought those would look cute tacked up on Ethan's rockstar bulletin boards, too!

And if you're wondering about Ethan's rockstar gear...

...there is another post on these babies coming up soon! (Aren't they gorgeous?!)


  1. I love it! This is a great idea.

  2. I love this! Alan wishes he could come jam with Ethan!

  3. Ohhh how fun what a great music corner! Love all his instruments!

  4. This is awesome! Johnny is great on the drums! We will have to have a music and crafts playdate....like ASAP :)

  5. I will help you find Ethan's music the best way. You will need to use it because everyone in the world trusts the best use. download music mp3


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