tot school - letter g - 23 months

So, there's a new rule in our tot school: we only change out curriculum every two weeks, instead of every week. It feels like we fly through our weekly curriculum and Ethan really likes focusing on the letters. I'd spend the first few days of a new week trying to explain to him that last week's activities are gone for now and he wasn't happy about it. Keeping the same curriculum for a two week span really has let us spend ample time on these activities until Ethan's finished with them on his own accord and ready to move onto something new, especially with it being summer and our schedules being significantly busier than they typically are, meaning less time for meandering afternoons of tot school. This has led for some smooth, smoothing sailing in tot school and we've both been loving it. So, every two weeks it is, at least for now.

One of our tot trays this week was a Water Transferring tray, using a medicine dropper and some green water. I laminated the letter G printable and Ethan was able to do this one over and over throughout the two weeks. This was one of his top favorite activities this week. Initially, he had some trouble trying to get the water into the dropper, but halfway through the first week he figured it out and started getting really good at controlling the water and dropping it into the circles!

The next tray, however, didn't share the same level of success!

The Goldfish stringing tray was a total bust. Ethan has always hated stringing activities and I keep trying them every few months to see if his opinion has changed but it never does! He refused to even touch this one.

The G magnet board was a huge hit. He got a kick out of my dad (Grandpa George) being on the board, and he also learned some new words and animals, like grasshopper and goose.

I was totally surprised by Ethan's favorite tray this week.

The Goat size matching tray was, hands down, his favorite. I'm still not totally sure why, but he woke up asking to do the goat tray and went to sleep begging to do the goat tray. He'd do it over and over again as if it was still the most new and fun activity in the world! I was also pretty surprised that he got the size matching correctly on the first try, as it's the first time I've used more than three (biggest, medium, small) objects to match sizes to. The point of this tray was to match each size goat to the corresponding sized green square.

He had so much fun using tongs the past few weeks that I made sure to bring them out again.

The Grasshopper Garden activity was another hit. I filled a little bucket with some stones and grass. Then I printed some pictures of little grasshoppers and used construction paper to make them stand. Ethan's job was to pick them up with the tongs and place them into the garden. He's really starting to get good at mastering the tongs, but it still takes him a while at first.


I had picked up this golf set for $3 at my favorite dollar store -- and Ethan hated it! Well, that's not entirely true. He hated how difficult it was to hit the balls with the golf club and have them land inside the little plastic holes. After a tantrum of toddler-sized proportions, he decided he only liked golf when he could roll the balls into the hole with his hands. An athlete, he is not. ;)


Right before a rainstorm one afternoon, we went outside and collected blades of grass in a cup. Then Ethan got to use the grass to create a beautiful painting:

We also did a lot of coloring book coloring (Ethan is really into coloring books lately!) and a lot of G-themed Twisty Noodle printables!<


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  1. Love the grasshopper carden idea! I think we are going to do the same this summer and leave things out for about 2 weeks. One is just too rushed!

    1. Thank you!

      I agree completely! One feels too rushed lately.

  2. I love that painting with grass idea and the water dropper idea. I have had a similar idea before, but I never thought to laminate the paper. I always decided not to use the medicine dropper on regular paper because I didn't like that the activity really got one use. But, I love your idea to laminate the paper. That totally solves my problem. Thanks!

  3. I love the water dropping activity! How fun for a little one!


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