ethan's 1st birthday party!

I've been planning Ethan's farm themed 1st birthday since I was still pregnant -- I totally admit it. It's hard to believe after so much planning and preparation, the day has come and gone! We had over 80 people there to celebrate Ethan's special day with us -- many of whom traveled from great distances -- and we can't thank everyone enough for all their love for Ethan as he turned one!

My husband and I made a slideshow to loop on the TV throughout the party. I thought I'd upload it to YouTube in case anyone would like to see it and take a journey through Ethan's first year of life!

The party was held at my parent's house. We had a lot of work to do in order to bring the farm to the suburbs! One of the most important things I did was to have a friend photograph the day for me. Like most moms, I'm always the one behind the camera and therefore end up not enjoying the day fully and not in any photos! It was such a weight off of my shoulders to know someone was there documenting the day and I didn't have to worry about a thing. Well, you know, I wouldn't be me if I didn't worry about a thing but it was good to know the photographs were in good hands! And if your photographer friend really likes you (or gives in easily to pleading), they might even wear a custom shirt for the event!

Without further ado, onto Ethan's special day!

The "chick feed" station is filled with finger foods for the little ones: puffs, multi-grain O's, string cheese bites, bananas and applesauce.

As for the regular food? Aside from leftovers for days, we brought the rest to feed the homeless. There were lots of full and happy tummies!

As the wife to a husband with Celiac, I like to play close attention to making sure everyone with food allergies or special dietary restrictions are taken care of. Everyone with food allergies had special sandwiches prepared in cute little gingham baggies for the occasion!

And what would a farm be without adorable, cuddly animals, am I right?

We also had a barnyard art station for kids to decorate their own bandanas as well as a face painting station, both manned by two of my teenage sister's good friends.

It was an awesome day made possible by the help and love of all of our wonderful friends and family! It's safe to say Ethan had a blast -- especially when it came time to smash his cake!

The party ended with favors that were a huge pain in my butt, but at least they came out cute. I melted crayons and poured them into farm animal shaped candy molds. Once dried, I packaged them into tiny bags with a personalized Ethan's birthday party coloring sheet!

Who We Used For What:
Ethan's Birthday Shirt: Mimi's Babies
Ethan's Birthday Hat and Bib: Dainty Couture
Striped Straws & Gingham Sandwich Bags: HeyYoYo
Party Favor Bag Toppers: Memorable Moments
Food: Bagels With Deli in Parkland, Florida
Cakes and Cake Pops: Made with love by my best friend -- Central and South Floridians, feel free to drop me a line for her information and rates!


  1. Oh.My.Word! This is all amazing. You did such a wonderful job! Whew, I'm exhausted just looking at these photos I can't imagine being the one who planned this whole shindig! Way to go mama! Glad y'all enjoyed the big day with your 1-year old!!

  2. So amazing! Great job Lindsey and Happy birthday Ethan!

  3. So Fun!! I saw some really cute ideas for farm/cowboy themed birthdays! Have a nice relaxing 4th of July and savor all those memories! Thanks for allowing Mimi's Babies to be a part of this very special event!

  4. Wow. This is amazing. My dad lives on a farm, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it as well as you did. Happy birthday, Ethan!

  5. Hi there! I'm following from the Thursday Blog Hop! Loved reading your blog and look forward to more! I would appreciate the follow back! Have an awesome day!



  6. Oh my gosh! Cutest party ever!! That cow print cake is sooo cute! And the cake-pops or whatever those were in the hay!! Cute, cute, cute! Stopping in from a hop! Followed via GFC. Have a great weekend!

  7. Yay! I've been waiting for this post! This is seriously the most beautiful 1st b-day party ever! Ethan is one lucky little boy!

  8. Oh my goodness look at that ! All the wonderful effort and love that has gone into this birthday celebration and it turned out amazing ! What a fun idea. I am so in awe of how great this all turned out. (I am such a last minuter I could never do anything like this myself) you should be a party planner !


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