MAM Oral Care Products Review & Giveaway

Proper oral care has always been at the top of my priority list and so was teaching Ethan how to take care of his teeth from very early on. Even before he had teeth, I was sure to clean his gums and mouth and now that he has a mouth full of teeth, I'm sure to make sure they stay clean and healthy, too. MAM Baby Products have always been some of my favorites ever since I first won one of their bottles when Ethan was a newborn. I love MAM as a company not just because of their great eye for design (is this not the coolest pacifier ever?) but because of the thought and consideration they put into creating their products. MAM were always huge proponents of a ban on BPA. For years before a ban was put into effect in Europe, MAM had already been using safe, healthy alternatives.

MAM gave me the opportunity to try out a bunch of their fabulous oral care products on Ethan. It's been two months since we began using MAM's oral care products on Ethan's teeth and not only are we so pleased with the results, but so was Ethan's dentist who was impressed by how wonderful his teeth looked during Ethan's first dental examination.

In addition to their massaging brush for those gums and first teeth, MAM offer two different brushes to familiarize baby with the ropes of oral hygiene. They have a training brush that features a long handle for baby and parent to brush together. The bristles are rounded and soft, perfect for tiny mouths, while still strong enough to clean plaque and bacteria from baby's teeth. The bottom end of the training brush also serves as a tongue cleaner or a massager for sore gums. Ethan loves holding onto the toothbrush with us, learning the right way to brush his teeth. Brushing his teeth is Ethan's favorite part of his nighttime routine.

In addition to their training brush, MAM also make a first brush for babies interested in brushing independently.

Perfect for babies six months and up, the first brush is a perfect fit for tiny hands. It features the same soft, rounded bristles to fit perfectly in baby's little mouth while effectively cleaning plaque and bacteria. Even with the compact handle, you don't lose a single thing, as even the bottom of the first brush contains a gum massager and tongue cleaner. Ethan loves to explore independent brushing with his first brush, trying to imitate the motions of brushing his teeth that we do when we brush together. With our oral care routine, we sing the ABC's while brushing the top and again while brushing the bottom, making it an enjoyable game to brush.

MAM also offer wonderful brushing tools that I've found are perfect for on-the-go cleanings. One of those would be the Oral Care Rabbit.

The Oral Care Rabbit is perfect for babies who haven't yet cut their first tooth or babies with mouths full of teeth. The Oral Care Rabbit fits perfectly into a pocket, purse or diaper bag, making it great for on-the-go brushing. When frozen or chilled, Ethan also loved the relief this provided for his swollen back gums as his molars began to come in. Most recently, the Oral Care Rabbit came in handy for an after lunch wipe down while Ethan had lunch with his grandma.

Perhaps Ethan's most favorite oral care product of them all would be MAM's Bite & Brush teether toy. This lighweight teether is rounded in shape so that baby is able to hold onto it easily. It features soft, elastic bristles on one end perfect for brushing on the go (this is Ethan's take-along toy for car travel). The handle portion is also soft and perfect for a teething baby to chew on.

After a quick afternoon snack, Ethan loves to play with his Bite & Brush and clean his teeth without even realizing it. He loves to chomp down on the elastic bristles, which are also designed to strengthen oral muscles.

The wonderful folks at MAM were kind enough to offer one of my readers the chance to win their own MAM Oral Care Pack!

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