and now for something a little different

If you've been reading this blog for a while (heck, or even if you're a newer reader around here), you've inevitably heard me make countless references to RSV, to restricted airway, to Ethan's wheezing and "bulldog breathing." It's become a part of our daily lives -- all of it -- though it's been months since Ethan contracted RSV last November. I'm guilty of constantly complaining about having to use the nebulizer what with the stress of getting Ethan to sit through his treatments or just the unfairness of the whole situation and the way it hurts to hear Ethan wheeze or rattle for really no reason in particular. Recently I realized that, in a strange way, I should be considering ourselves lucky. After all, our medical insurance made it so we have a nebulizer in our home when Ethan needs it. I realized just how many mothers are forced to walk hours upon hours -- days, even -- to wait in line to use a community nebulizer while listening to their child struggle to breathe. Reading these stories made me want to do something and, well, I'm doing it.

On September 1st, I will be participating in a Blog-A-Thon to blog for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for the Global Links nebulizer campaign. Global Links is a fantastic medical relief organization that provides unbelievable medical aid and supplies to those in need. They have a specific campaign to provide nebulizers to those who need them so that everyone has access to them for their children, especially in areas where asthma is on the rise.

Along with my friend Katie (who will be blogging for Best Friends Animal Society), I will be blogging once every thirty minutes for twenty-four hours while people sponsor me by donating to the Global Links nebulizer campaign, much like a walk-a-thon or swim-a-thon.

You can visit my blog for the Blog-A-Thon by clicking the above banner or visiting www.aisforalbuterol.com. There is plenty of information there about Global Links, their nebulizer campaign, why this charity matters to me, what the blog-a-thon is and what prizes you can win. Yes, prizes. We've had countless donations by our generous, fantastic sponsors. That means for every $5 you donate, you'll be entered in a drawing to win some pretty epic prizes. Just the icing on the cake for helping out a fantastic cause.

I'd absolutely love your support during the Blog-A-Thon, especially any help getting the word out about my fundraising efforts. There is a banner to share and link back to my blog at A is for Albuterol!


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