mother nature, she fills my eyes

Vacation time. I love vacation time. Days with nothing to do except spend time together as a family. My parents and sister have been hiding up at my family's lake house for a while but Ethan, my husband and I decided to drive up and join them for a little (much needed) getaway.

Day one of vacation didn't disappoint. This morning my mom and I took Ethan to a farm to do some berry picking. A real farm, one that exists only out in the country far, far away from the suburbs where we live. A real farm where blackberries grow out on the vine, without pesticides but with bugs sharing bites of the fruit, bunnies hopping out of the brush and scurrying across the farm.

I'm not a big soda drinker, but there is nothing better on a blazing hot day than a glass-bottled Pepsi, opened with the bottle opener in the real country store.


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