frogglez comfortable swim goggles, review and giveaway!

I am so unbelievably excited to post about Frogglez today!

Ethan is a swimmer. He has swim class twice a week and, weather permitting, spends double that in the water swimming his little heart out. By the time the tail end of Ethan's swim lessons would roll around, his eyes would be red and burning from the chlorine. He would then spend the last minutes of class sitting on the step crying both about the discomfort in his eyes and the fact he was missing out on usually his favorite part of swim lessons: diving to the bottom for the rings. Once Ethan learned how to swim and graduated from his lessons to his big kid swim classes, he was able to use goggles! Prior to this, we had run through every remedy, homeopathic or traditional, to help his achy eyes heal from the chlorine but nothing really worked. We were relieved and nervous when the time came for Ethan to be allowed to use goggles in the water. Relieved, because now he wouldn't have to quit when he was in the middle of having fun in the water. Nervous, because Ethan isn't one of those kids who tolerates accessories. Hats, sunglasses, forget it -- he doesn't even like to wear socks. We weren't sure how he would do with goggles strapped on his face. After all, traditional swim goggles are hardly comfortable. They're sort of like suction cups over your eyes with a thick plastic band that squashes your ears, gets tangled in your hair and pushes against the back of your head. When we learned about Frogglez, I was definitely curious as to how well they worked given their stark difference to traditional goggles, but I was excited to give them a try!

When we put the Frogglez on Ethan for the first time, they went on effortlessly much like pulling a hat onto your head. There was no pulling or tugging or adjusting that needed to be done. In fact, they're so easy to put on that Ethan can happily put them on himself without help.

The back of the Frogglez are made up not of plastic, but of stretchy, comfortable, soft straps. They went right on Ethan's head without getting tangled in his hair or pushing down his ears. The straps actually go nowhere near his ears, which was a huge plus! Halfway during our time in the pool, it began to rain. When it cleared up and Ethan got back in the pool, he was able to pull the Frogglez back on himself over wet hair without any issue. Even when his hair was wet, the soft Frogglez straps just went on similarly to putting on a baseball cap. No stress, no fight, no tugging. I also liked how the goggles themselves didn't leak. After a couple of hours of swimming, no water got into them. Even so, they didn't have to suction to his eyes or cause any discomfort to work. Ethan loved having his goggles on which surprised both my husband and I, given how much he usually can't stand having anything on or near his face.

The straps are made of stretchy neoprene which is able to mold to the child's head. You know how once you wear in your favorite pair of shoes they're super comfortable and feel like they were made just for you? That's how the Frogglez fit, as if they were custom tailored to fit your child's head and face. Because they can stretch accordingly, one size Frogglez goggles fit most kids under 9! No constant adjustments necessary.

Something I liked, as a parent, is the way the stretchy straps are quick drying. They don't stay soaked and heavy like a t-shirt, which makes them super easy to put back on when wet. Ethan not only thought his goggles were super cool, but he swam as if he had been wearing them for years. It was almost like they were so comfortable, he didn't even realize he had them on.

Another cool-from-a-parent-perspective thing about the Frogglez goggles are that they float! This is exceptionally great for beach or deep end pool usage when you don't exactly want to be diving to retrieve a pair of goggles from the bottom of the pool.

Also, I feel that I should point out that they stay put even during the fiercest toddler conglomerate of a belly flop and cannonball.

Frogglez goggles have completely made their way to our absolute must-haves list for any little swimmer! Ethan's pair are our swim bag staple and we can't leave home without them. Frogglez are an absolutely genius way to protect little eyes from the water while ensuring a comfortable fit that kids won't even mind wearing. Swim goggles just got way more practical, effective, comfortable -- and cooler. Ethan is proud to show off his sweet pair of Frogglez!

Frogglez come in a variety of colors (there's something for everyone!) and can be purchased on their website!

Because Frogglez can't let their awesomeness stop at completely revolutionizing swim goggles, they're also giving away THREE pairs of Frogglez goggles here on You Are The Roots! Three lucky winners will have the chance to try out their very own pair of Frogglez goggles (spoiler alert: you're going to love them!).

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Ethan received these Frogglez goggles to facilitate a product review. No compensation was provided and all opinions expressed are completely our own.


  1. I'm so hoping this giveaway is open to Canadian's and that I WIN!!! Kale loves wearing goggles, but the plastic back and his hair are the worst.combo.ever.

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