sock monkey puppets

We are on day three of being cooped up indoors due to a yucky little virus Ethan came down with. Between his illness, the zillion-degree weather and the constant thunderstorms, we are as cooped up as two people can be and going a little stir crazy. We've been relying on art projects to get us through the hours (and snot and coughing and misery) but there's only so much painting we can do before that leads us in the direction of stir-crazier. This morning Ethan gave me a challenge: he wanted to do a monkey craft.

All you need to complete this project from start to finish: paper lunch bags, glue and construction paper. I forgot to snap photos from the start, but this is how we began: two paper bags, some cut-out monkey clothes ("mommy, monkeys don't wear clothes"), some eyes, ears and a mouth. I pre-made these pieces earlier in the morning and then let Ethan have fun gluing them on and building his little puppets.

This was super simple to make and I was thrilled to find a worthwhile, time consuming project from materials we had laying around the house!


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