tummy trouble pops

Ethan has had a little bit of tummy upset recently. I'm not sure if it's some little bug or just from having chugged so much pool water -- the timing of it all leads to either option. Either way, he has been feeling fine otherwise and it's been hard to keep denying his request for fruits, cheese or other snacks that in no way coordinate with the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet. Here's the thing about the BRAT diet: my kid is a total brat about it. He will eat anything you put in front of him but the only foods he won't touch are bananas, rice, applesauce or toast -- though I did manage to force a couple of small pieces of toast in him thanks to shaping the bread with cookie cutters and adding a little bit of peanut butter.

The one thing Ethan can't turn down would be popsicles. Or ice cream. Popsicles that are rich and creamy like ice cream are an even better bet. I used my Mom Genius and my trusty Blendtec to make some BRAT diet popsicles that helped Ethan's tummy and that he inhaled without second thought. As another plus, these popsicles were way easier to make than trying to trick him into eating rice by sculpting it into a koala or trying to arrange a baked potato into the shape of a cat. Desperate times, people. Desperate times.

Just Bananas
- 2 bananas
- 1 tablespoon all-natural peanut butter
- 2-3 splashes of unflavored Pedialyte

Rice & Apples
- 1/2 banana
- 1/4c all-natural applesauce
- 1/4c cooked brown rice
- 2-3 splashes of unflavored Pedialyte to thin
- 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Of course, with either recipe, blend all ingredients in a blender, pour into popsicle molds and freeze!

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  1. How long do these keep once made? Have a sick little and wanted to make a big batch


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