tot school - letters q, r & s - age three

This was a great week in tot school! Ethan really loved most of the trays this week and we spent just about every second of our free time doing tot school (which, in the summer, isn't very much but it was still nice to have him interested in tot school after a long day!). He was really into most of the trays we did this week and we kicked off many mornings in our tot school classroom.

Like the past couple of weeks, by Thursday Ethan tends to be bored with the current trays but I'm guessing that is coming with age. As usual, this is our recap of the alphabet after running through individual letters previously. This week we recapped the letters Q, R and S!


We ended up adding a few more quarters to this try after snapping this photo, but for this activity Ethan got to use the magnifying glass to observe the quarter and talk about what he saw (letters, numbers, etc.). He always loves anything with the magnifying glass, so this was a big hit.


Ethan was really into the "what's different?" tray this week. He had fun circling the item that didn't match the others in it's row. He'd do this one as intended while alternately writing the letter Q around all of the images. He had a lot of fun with this one this week!


I got a package of ping pong balls at the dollar store and wrote both capital and lowercase letter R on them. I included two different buckets, one marked with a capital and one marked with a lowercase R. Ethan got to practice tossing the balls into the coordinating buckets. He started off just dropping them in but really started to have fun with stepping back and trying to toss them in. This was a fun tray that held his interest the full week, and by the end he was doing great with making all the shots!


I got these robots at the dollar store and have been waiting for a reason to use them. I knew Ethan would love them and he definitely did -- a little too much. Somehow by midweek they were being taken out of tot school and I was finding them all over the house. Still, he had a lot of fun with this tray. I included tongs and tweezers so he could practice with both. He did a lot of work with tongs this week which was a nice switch since he usually prefers the tweezers. I painted some cups coordinating colors so each robot had a match.


Ethan is really into shapes lately so he had a lot of fun with this one. I had printed some different cards with varying shape patterns as well as having cut some big shapes from construction paper. Ethan got to lay out the shapes in a pattern matching the one on the card. Some were difficult and some were a lot simpler. He had a lot of fun with this tray and got more and more into it and tackling the more intricate patterns as the week went on.


I filled a bin with sugar and hid some foam letters (Q, R and S) inside. Ethan got a little make-up brush to dust away the sugar and uncover the letters. He really liked this bin and had a lot of fun with it!


The snake three part cards got no love this week. Ethan absolutely refused to touch them, unfortunately! I'm going to try to introduce three part cards again in a couple of weeks but so far he isn't a fan!


I put some different Q, R and S words on paper and Ethan got to sound them out and guess which cup they went into. He did surprisingly well with this tray and really seemed to enjoy it!


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