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That's my friend Heather and I up there in that (super flattering) photo. On that particular day, we were signing our sons up for swim lessons. This is a big deal, you see, at least for the lessons that our city offers. In fact, we had camped out outside the aquatic center when it was still dark outside -- was it 5:30 a.m.? -- and I was pregnant at the time so I couldn't even sip on coffee while we waited. A grumpy man happened to arrive between Heather and I and refused to let her cut the line so we awkwardly talked around him. A rainstorm blew in and before long, we were soaked as we shivered in the line for four more hours until the sign-ups began. It was so chaotic and ridiculous that it was almost comical. There were a few other funny tidbits to that day -- like the grown man who took my number to try to steal my spot in line (I guess I look weak) or the fact we made it to the front and realized we were a few dollars short, forcing my mother to wake up and haul ass to the pool to bail us out before we lost our spot. Anyway, the point is, not many people would have waited in that line with me through the chaos, the rain and the night that unraveled into morning. Heather did, because we're both sort of crazy and stubborn like that. Our kids want lessons with their favorite teacher? Well, then, we're going to camp out outside a pool in the dark in a complete monsoon while grown adults revert back to childlike tantrums, damn it! Swim lessons with Miss Jenn or bust!

Heather is a busy working mama to two toddlers -- an (almost) four year old son and an (almost) two year old daughter. She is a movie buff and a writer and a blogger and a foodie. Our coffee dates begin at a coffee shop and become a sequence of "hey, now let's go do..." until the bulk of the day passes because no matter how long it's been since we've seen one another, it's just so easy to pick back up.

Most recently, though, my friend Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she gears up for her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, I can only imagine (while not being able to imagine at all) where her emotions are. I know that life isn't fair and also that breast cancer is messing with the wrong person. I also know that finances and medical bills should be the last thing on her mind as she recovers from surgery. Having been through a medical crisis myself last year when we lost Wylie, I understand firsthand how medical bills add up even with the best insurance. There's absolutely no reason why Heather should have to worry about this on top of everything else. I know that we -- as mamas, as bloggers, as social media users and as human beings -- can work together to provide support and assistance for Heather and her family during this time.

A friend of Heather's has started a fundraising account on Booster. Team Heather shirts will sell for $20, with proceeds going directly to Heather and her family. Please consider buying yourself a Team Heather shirt here -- and please share the word! Additional donations can be made in addition to the purchase of the t-shirt for anyone who is interested.

In addition, I am in the midst of planning an Instagram auction fundraiser for Heather which will take place on May 30th. For more information, be sure to follow @heartsforheather on Instagram. Items up for auction will be listed as they are donated and full auction rules can also be found on the Instagram account, too!

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