what's in ethan's easter basket, 2015 edition

I make an "Ethan's Easter basket" post each year, so I can't let the opportunity slip by this year -- even if I'm a little later posting than in years past. Bear with me -- it's been a little hectic around here and I'm trying to ease back into the blogging thing.

I try to keep Ethan's Easter baskets as candy free as possible. This is the first year where it's been a little trickier since he's almost four and knows a thing or two about candy (like how much he loves chocolate). He asked for a chocolate bunny specifically so I made sure to include one plus another small piece of chocolate which seems enough. I know he'll get plenty of chocolate and candy at grandma's house later in the afternoon plus I had fun filling his basket with some other fun goodies instead.

Jump rope, some Hot Wheels cars and playdough.

T-shirt and eggs filled with craft supplies (hooray for glitter tubes!).

A stuffed Daniel Tiger and Miss Elaina.

A few Daniel Tiger books, too.

Chalkk and some more eggs filled with dinosaurs and animal figures.

More little cars and some fruit and veggie growing kits (strawberry and bell pepper).

Two Lush Easter egg bath bombs.

Some coloring books, watercolor paints, dinosaur coloring set and water balloons.

Spiral art, magic paint posters.

Straw cup, toothbrushes, floss picks.

I also filled a bunch of eggs with Pirate's Booty and some Annie's animal crackers.

'Twas the night before Easter and Ethan broke his shoes at the park, so the Easter bunny found some time to grab a new pair at Ross before bedtime.

The holidays are hard for our family and a part of my heart is extra heavy during these days. I'm excited to see Ethan's smile when he wakes up and realizes the bunny dropped by.

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