22 Weeks

I'm 22 weeks along today and let's just say that this week is so much better than the last. I've kept myself safe and out of the hospital, thank goodness, so there isn't much to complain about. Except for, you know, the excruciating heartburn and the god-awful leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night (as if getting up to pee 500 times wasn't bad enough!). Still, I'm getting through the days without needing or wanting a nap and have returned to my slightly useful self by running errands, grocery shopping and preparing meals without wanting to die a little inside. It's the little things.

Next week is a busy one for baby, with our 3D/4D ultrasound, the 2nd part to his anatomy scan and our regular monthly OB check-up. I'm pretty sure there is nothing that baby hates more than when the ultrasound technicians or doctors try to find him with the doppler or ultrasound wand. He tries to kick them away as hard as he can! (I, however, am incredibly excited for all of these upcoming events.)

Baby is approximately 11 inches now which is crazy to think about! Even crazier is that this week baby is the length of a papaya!

Ethan is starting to look like an actual little newborn in there! His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more pronounced. He even developed tooth buds beneath his gums! His eyes have formed and he has the start of his hair, but both his irises and hair remain white as they still lack pigment! Kind of creepy, actually.

Ethan has also started to develop taste buds and might be able to taste stronger flavors in the amniotic fluid! (Way to make me feel guilty for the Chipotle that I had the other night.) Ironically, baby's weight this week can be compared to a large bag of tortilla chips!

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  1. 22 weeks? Thi pregnancy seems to be flyyying by! I can't wait to see Ethan in 4D!

  2. I agree with the above comment. I can't believe you're already 22 weeks. I hope it continues to go by this fast because I cannot wait to meet this little boy and have a new playmate for Bailey!! I can't wait to see how your 3D ultrasound pics turn out :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I had some serious deja vu reading about your pregnancy... I also had the WORST heartburn in the history of pregnancies! It was worth it, though... totally and completely worth it ;)

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