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Be Still My Heart - The Postal Service

Yesterday morning, my family and I had a 3D/4D ultrasound done at 4D Picture Perfect in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This appointment was initially scheduled as a means to include the whole family in a big ultrasound as we weren't able to have everyone join in the anatomy scan. Being that this is my first pregnancy, I haven't had much experience with the whole 3D/4D thing. Also, being that this is the internet, there are numerous opinions on how wasteful, frightening, creepy and unwelcome 3D/4D ultrasounds can be in the lives of, oh, almost everyone. Personally, I always found them cool and that's all I knew going into this. When I came out of the room after my session, everything felt surreal. I felt like I knew little Ethan so much better, like we shared some kind of connection during that time when I could see his features (the poor boy has my chin. Sorry, Ethan!) up close. I knew I wasn't the only one because my dad sat in the room (and the lobby...and the car ride home...) and cried like an absolute crazy person.

Ethan has big feet and long legs like his 6'4" dad, which is a foreign concept to me as a five footer. He has my silly chin but my mom and sister are insisting he looks just like Aaron. (I guess you do this when it's your first child/the first grandchild: everyone, yourself included, analyzes the little baby on the ultrasound when you're not even 23 weeks along and likens his characteristics to those outside the womb!)

Before I left the house in the morning, I said, "I bet he'll have his hands over his face the whole time." He did. Well, he did until the tech gave me a small Milky Way chocolate bar...then he began cheering, smiling and proving he really was a Schneider after all. He'll fit right in with me and my mom's side of the family!

There are lots of these things that warrant usage of the word "unreal," but nothing can feel as "unreal" as seeing the little baby that is inside of you sucking his thumb, or smiling as he "eats" a piece of chocolate.

All in all, I think this has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life, not just my pregnancy. We're already choosing the date later on in my pregnancy to go again. That, and I've admittedly sat here and leafed through the 50+ pictures and watched the DVD of the session well over 30 times since yesterday. I can't help it. That's Ethan in there, and he's awesome.

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  1. No matter what the tech. said, that looks like hair on his head to me! I think he has aaron's shape head. Yours was long and narrow and his is rounder. He looks like he has your big eyes though. "See you soon"... we're not allowed to say that ;)


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