24 Weeks

Today is 24 weeks and, if it's anything like last week, I'm loving this second trimester/end of the second trimester thing. I no longer require naps to function properly and have found myself able to run errands without breaking down in tears from the discomfort and stress. (Not that pregnancy made me melodramatic or anything.) Everything has truly been fantastic as my belly has gotten bigger and Ethan's kicks have gotten stronger and more regular, not to mention able to be felt from the outside now.

Strangers have been stopping me to ask "boy or girl?" or how far along I am or, even, to simply wish me a congratulations in passing. I'm loving every second of that and for people to no longer be wondering "bloated or pregnant?" and having everyone be too unsure or nervous to say something. My belly is a free-for-all now with the ladies who work at the grocery store always wanting to touch it and, not going to lie, I kind of love it.

We've started interviewing pediatricians for Ethan and met with our first yesterday. I absolutely loved her so I'm hoping this doesn't end up being a difficult decision. Our next interview with another office is on the 5th. We've also signed up for our birthcare pavilion tour at the hospital and are now choosing our prenatal and breastfeeding courses offered by the hospital. It's all just one sign after another how real things are becoming and how quickly it's getting here!

As for little Ethan, it's an exciting time for him in there, too. He's approximately the size of an ear of corn or a foot-long hotdog (both of which sound delicious at the moment, I won't lie). He's gained about four ounces since last week. He's about to start plumping up and getting all of that cute baby fat! His brain is growing quickly and his taste buds are rapidly developing. Little Ethan's lungs are in the process of developing respiratory tree "branches" as well as surfactant, which helps his air sacs inflate upon birth.

Ethan officially has little eyelashes, which are finishing formation this week! His ears are fully functional now, too. His inner ear is fully developed which means he also has his sense of balance.


  1. What a cute bump! =]

  2. You look fabulous!

    I'm so excited for you :) the part you're in now was my favorite part of pregnancy :)

    It goes too fast! I miss him moving around in there!


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