31 Weeks (& One Day)

I actually just didn't get around to composing this entry yesterday but we can lie and blame the lateness of this entry on Blogger being down (which I just found out that it has been). What you see is what you get in today's belly photo...and that is that I am not getting out of my pajamas all day! No way, no how!

Yesterday was a mess involving enough grossness that even I, the "there is no such thing as TMI" extraordinaire, am too grossed out to reiterate again. It ended in an impromptu visit to my doctor's office where I was told I have pregnancy-induced lactose intolerance, as can sometimes happen at this point in pregnancy. I'm supposed to stay off dairy through Monday to see if my problem resolves itself...which I'm pretty confident it will, since it's just shy of 24 hours that I've been off dairy and already I'm feeling a thousand times better. I'm not taking this potential diagnosis very well considering I'm already allergic to soy/soymilk and my husband has Celiac disease (thus a gluten intolerance) so my House Of Food Allergies has just gotten that much more complicated. I'm also not sure how I'm supposed to live without dairy. It's kind of the biggest staple in my diet.

Life goes on, however. Eight weeks until my c-section! Ethan has started measuring big (we have an ultrasound on May 23rd to take some new measurements) but I'm hoping he holds out for those eight weeks. Ethan's bassinet was delivered yesterday and is now joining the ranks of big boxes cluttering up my living room because time is in such short supply and there is just so much that needs to be done and set up (eight measly weeks -- ack!).

As for little (or not-so-little, as it turns out) Ethan, his lungs are developing like crazy this week! From now on, they'll be able to inflate properly. His ears are developed fully, inside and out. Ethan's skin should also be cute little baby pink now instead of red and he's busy producing all of that cute baby fat underneath his skin. Ethan should now be urinating about half a liter per day, as he's busily drinking the amniotic fluid. Now that spacing is becoming harder to come by, Ethan's arms and legs are pulled closer to his body. He's also developed all five senses now! He's so busy in there. He's also pretty awesome in general. :)


  1. I always beam when I see new posts from you. :)

    Yay! Eight weeks! He is almost heeeeeere! :)

  2. I've always been sensitive to dairy and it's something I've struggled with. Almond milk is good (a little gritty) or rice milk is also not bad (I prefer the texture of rice and the taste of almond). Good luck with it!! I know lactose intolerance can be super annoying.

  3. I am curious, why are you having a c-section?

  4. @Anonymous: Because for medical reasons, I need one. :)

  5. Ive had lactose intolerance forever. They do make lactose free milk and ice cream, which Im pretty sure saved my life. Haha. I think the brand is Lactaid or something like that and it tastes exactly the same.

    -Nicole S. (too lazy to sign in on my phone. Always gets messed up!)


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