Breaking Bedrest (Doctor Approved!)

This whole pregnancy, I've been guilty of complaining and moaning about having to put any effort into my appearance. Make-up? Hair? Clothing other than my husband's t-shirt and my underwear? No, thanks. Not happening. It's funny how a week (okay, not even) of bedrest will change that. When I wasn't allowed to go anywhere other than the couch or the bed, suddenly I missed going out in public and all that came with it (i.e. making myself look somewhat presentable).

When my doctor gave me the okay to keep my haircut appointment and my maternity portraits today, it felt like such a treat! Originally, we had planned this great outdoors-y maternity shoot for this evening with our favorite photographer, Debra Weisheit, in Jupiter. Unfortunately, one of the rules of breaking bedrest was not a free-for-all pass to do all sorts of crazy things like hike through parks on a photographic adventure. At first I was admittedly distraught but Debra is awesome and we moved our session to the studio. We've been lucky enough to work with Debra on so many occasions now -- including our wedding -- and we're obviously going to use her for photographic purposes from here to eternity. So why not save the great outdoors-y photo session for a family shoot when Ethan is here, right? Right.

There were last-minute problems that bedrest made impossible to tackle (i.e. our "outdoors-y outfits" were the only ones we had purchased) but Debra, like always, came through. We ended up having a great session in the comfort of her air-conditioned, indoor studio and I was able to break free of the bedrest to make our maternity pictures a reality. And, not going to lie, it's kind of nice after being tucked away in a dark house for a week to get out and feel pretty (and pregnant)!

A sneak preview from Debra's Facebook:

(And, duh, as if you need to ask...I will definitely be sharing the full set of photographs with you when they're up!)


  1. Gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see them all!

  2. Yay for getting out & looking pretty! Your picture is beautiful, can't wait to see mmore :)

  3. Oh I liked that a lot.
    Is it proper to say, maybe looking little sensual there.....is that even a correct word?!?

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