Baby's First Disney Trip!

I hate Disney World. I can't even sugarcoat it. I flat-out hate Disney World. When I think back to my childhood memories about Disney World that aren't negative or brimming with ennui, I think of those Mickey Mouse shaped ice-cream bars. The ones where the ears are chocolate and the face is vanilla. It didn't matter how cold it was, I wouldn't leave Disney World without one. That's about where my love for Mickey Mouse begins and ends, I can admit it. I'm a Disney Grinch, a poor excuse for a Floridian, that girl who went to college in Orlando and never stepped foot onto Disney property in all four years. Worse even is the last time I was at Epcot, my dad and I watched John Goodman film a scene for Roseanne. Does that date me or what?

But then I thought of all those Decembers we spent in Disney World (getting my ice-cream bars, okay?) and all of those photo albums of us spending a weekend right before Christmastime at Disney World. And something happens in me where I get all sentimental and look over at Ethan and think of how he should have these memories (or pictures), too.

After much deliberation back and forth between my husband and I ("he'll be too young!" "He won't remember it!" "You don't even LIKE Disney World!"), we finally decided (or, okay, I won the argument) to spend a weekend in Disney World this December.

And so this evening, Ethan's first trip to Disney World was planned!

Thanks to the expertise of Adventures In Mommyhood's Victoria, we decided on a character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort, a park hopper ticket so we can experience the MGM holiday light show and the Character Spot at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom in general. (FYI, if you're planning a Disney trip, check out Victoria's post about Disney For Babies And Toddlers!)

Suddenly my attitude on Disney World has been a little bit altered. I've swapped out the ennui for excitement. I'm marking places to stop and see and thinking of all of the pictures we'll take (and those Mickey ice-cream bars I'll get to eat!). This December, Ethan will have one heck of a first Disney trip planned!

I've excitedly been gushing to Ethan that he's going to Disney World! He's going to have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie and all of those other characters I ashamedly can't even remember the names of! I'm not sure he's too excited yet, but my originally nay-saying husband is even showing little glimmers of excitement. There's just something magical about Disney World with little kids, I'll admit it!


  1. hahahaha...this post makes me laugh because i'm right there with you! i can't stand the place...even just driving THROUGH orlando makes me crazy. all disney world means to me is loooong lines (for a 3 minute ride!), lots of traffic, sweating and over priced bottles of water AND food. ugh. cringing as i type!

    even so....we took olivia when she was just two months old (only because my mother-in-law wanted us to all go as a family!) and willow when she was 3 months old. olivia enjoyed it more the second time because she was two and the rides were so fun for her! i think it's some sort of childhood right of passage when you live in Florida. you have to go at least once!!!

  2. You saw them film that scene for Roseanne? That's awesome!

    P.S. - Donald Duck has been my favorite Disney character since my first trip when I was two. =)

  3. LOL well you know how I feel about Disney. it's pretty much my favorite place in the entire world and I could happily sit on Main Street eating popcorn and watching little girls dressed up as princesses and boys dressed up as pirates and smile and my life be complete. SO I AM HAPPY YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR DISNEY VIEWS!

    <3 you and see you tomorrow!


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