Hold Onto These Moments As They Pass

Poor little Ethan has been battling some uncomfortable and no-fun-at-all tummy troubles the past couple of days. He seemed to be doing a little bit better so we took him to get some fresh air (nature's medicine, but of course) at the beach.

Our good friend Nea generously gave us gift cards to one of our favorite restaurants, Mellow Mushroom, so we decided tonight was a great night for take-out. (Thank you, Nea!) We drove up to Delray Beach where I picked up our pizzas to take home and made the aforementioned trip over to the ocean to breathe in the fresh air.

I wonder if Ethan will love living so close to the ocean one day or if he'll be a beach grinch like his daddy. I spent a great deal of my pregnancy (prior to the bedrest) at the beach, sitting in the sand and reading my books or walking on the shore and breathing in the salt air. I secretly hope that some of my love for the magic of the beach passed down to Ethan!

We spent only about five minutes out on the sand and Ethan slept through all of it, but he sure did look cute in his little sailor outfit and hat. Passerby congratulated on us on our cute little baby and the weather was just beautiful right before sundown so I'd say it was a success. (Even though I admittedly can't wait for the days of building sandcastles and watching Ethan's face as the waves run over his feet for the first time!)

I've had this song in my head since we decided today was a great day for Mellow Mushroom and a drive over to the beach:

It's been so long since I've seen the ocean,
I guess I should.


  1. How wonderful! You guys are such an adorable family!

  2. lol, he looks like he's ready to tap w/ the 3 rabbis!

  3. I LOVED the picture of you and Ethan on the beach! You should blow it up. : )

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