Three Weeks!

Sunday Best - Augustana

Being a mom is pretty incredible. I can't think of anything more fun in the world, which says a lot considering 4 a.m. has become my new bedtime and I've yet to wear anything that hasn't ended up covered in spit-up. Even during middle of the night diaper changes, nothing can beat being a mom. I'm sure of it and I've only been doing this for three weeks.

That's right. It's been three weeks since Ethan has been born. When I look back on pictures from even the week before, I'm amazed at how much he's grown and is continuing to grow into his own little person. He's somehow shedding that newborn look and I just can't believe it. There's really no other word other than disbelief for how big he's getting.

I like to think we're settling into parenthood kind of well. I'm now one of those people who hold conversations about bottles, colic and swaddles and have no idea what movies are playing or what the most popular television shows are. And that's fine, because I can totally tell you all about how a MamaRoo works or how cool Clever Trevor the bathtub thermometer is. Like there's anything more important going on in the world than that.

Ethan is wearing his Seventh Generation diapers in a size one now and we had to return all of our unopened packs of newborn diapers! He's wearing a mixture of 0-3 month and 3 month outfits right now. I love watching his eyes focus on things, like his toy bar on his car seat or the mobile on his MamaRoo.

He's up every 3 hours for a feeding and a diaper change almost like clockwork, though his little appetite is starting to get a little bigger as time goes on. He's awake more during the day which I love because I get to read him stories and sing him songs and play with him.

He's also a champion at tummy time and is a pro at starting to hold his head up like a big boy!

Other favorites include California Baby's diaper cream, being swaddled in his Miracle Blankets, his Rock & Play Sleeper, Dr. Brown's bottles, the car ride simulator on his MamaRoo, stroller rides and car rides (and just being in his car seat), his Johnny Cash lullaby CD, Soothies pacifiers and his fingers.


  1. Wow! He does look bigger. He is awake now more...or I guess I've only seen him when his sleeping.
    I need to come see him soon!!!

  2. it's the greatest thing you'll ever do...at times the hardest...but most definitely the greatest :)

  3. He is precious! My youngest was born with a bunch of dark hair, too. I swear it felt like ducks feathers. Cherish this time... they'll never be this soft again!

  4. He is so cute! Brings back so many memories... Are you sure he's only 3 weeks? He looks much smarter than just 3 weeks old ;-)


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