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This past Saturday was my little sister's Sweet 16 celebration. She was adamant that she didn't want a typical Sweet 16 party so we opted for a girl's night in. In my eyes -- you know, the eyes of a total emotional train wreck introvert sixteen year old -- it was just not just a party but a complete celebration of youth and being sixteen. We hired my amazing wedding make-up artist, Christie, to do an in-home spa day for my sister and seven of her closest friends. They had facials, manicures or pedicures and full make-up done and finished the evening with a photoshoot by me. All the girls are sporting some stylish Facebook default pictures this week! (I hear my sister's voice in my head, annoyed and reminding me how old and out of touch I sound saying that and to please never say it again.)

I spent hours -- about seven, actually -- setting up for this party. I think hot pink and zebra print were seared into my retinas by the end of the night. The splitting headache I ended the evening with? I'm torn between blaming the hot pink and zebra print or the music my sister listens to that I'm not quite sure how she stands listening to. Have I mentioned how different we are? It blows my mind, too. Ten years ago, I had a Sweet 16 that took place the same night as a huge last-minute local show and so all of my friends, my boyfriend (oh, hi dear husband of mine!) and the band we'd hired to play all ditched my party. I spent the entire night sobbing in my plaid pants and Shirley Manson-esque make-up while my cousin made some phone calls and hired some band last-minute who could have passed as Sex Pistols impersonators. My great-grandfather, one of the few guests in attendance? Oh. Yeah. He just loved them, as I'm sure you can imagine. Each time my sister corrected me with an eyeroll that this wasn't a party, I laughed and remembered my own disastrous Sweet 16, or the chaotic mess that it became. This was a party -- and it was an awesome one at that!

Ethan dropped by for a bit with my husband as the party got started and he had such a blast that he didn't want to go home and go to sleep. I don't know if I can say the same for my husband!

I built the girls a photobooth with alternating shower curtain backdrops. My mom stocked up on silly photobooth props at a dollar store!

My little sister is sixteen and as nostalgic and weepy as that very thought makes me -- I'll be good if I never see so much hot pink again!

I hope you had a great sixteenth, Megan!


  1. It's official, you win the best big sister award! What a great party!!

  2. That cake, the photo booth, and a cameo from an adorable nephew. What an awesome sister!

  3. Visiting from the Flock Together Tuesday Blog Hop. I have to say you have a beautiful blog layout - I love it! And that cake looks amazing! Great idea for a sweet sixteen.

  4. Wow you are an awesome big sister!! Looks like a great time!

  5. Awesome! I love the little photo shoot you did. The girl in the fairy get-up is totally me at sixteen. Minus the blond hair. Lol. I am a new follower from Mom's Best. Hope to see you at True Aim!

  6. wow! thats great! I am sure just but looking at the photos that is was a blast and unique kind of party. I am pretty sure your sis will be grateful and she will forever remember how special her 16th bday was.
    cheers! from Monday blog hops trackback: www.mydailypages.com

  7. Wow, YOu are an amazing big sister. I can't believe all you went through to give her such an amazing party. I think that is amazing! I am a new follower from the Flock Together BLog Hop. You made my day just thinking about a sister doing this for another sister. You are wonderful.

  8. oh my goodness what a fun sweet 16!! I threw one for my sister as well and I'm sorry to say it was nearly as cool as yours! new follower of your blog :)


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