we’ll sing a song we’ve never heard formed out of small forsaken words

It is finally Fall. I'm likely late to the game in this realization but you have to forgive me for being so naively...Floridian. Our temperatures are still warm at best and, after a week-long stint of what we consider sweater weather, our sweaters have been sitting unused and likely will for some time. But that's okay, because it's finally Fall and that has been determined by the fact that our farmer's market has started up again.

Last year, Santa had gotten Ethan a sweet new Radio Flyer wagon and I'm sad to say it's been sitting in the garage, still in the box, ever since Santa dropped it off. It's not that it's been forgotten about, either. I think my husband and I have had the conversation weekly about how we really need to put together the wagon but conversations only get you so far. Last night, with the thought of the farmer's market dancing on the horizon, my husband found the motivation go put the wagon together. It was like Christmas all over again for Ethan who lit up the second he sat in his new wagon. He was the coolest dude in town riding his way through the crowds, pointing out the dogs and being offered samples by the vendors selling yummy treats. (Tough life, kid.)

Our first matter of business was having Ethan's face painted. He was initially supposed to be a dog but everyone thought he was a cat which, really, is okay because we're cat people anyway and Ethan has mastered the art of meowing. Ethan has recently decided that he's shy and nothing makes me smile more than watching the curious-yet-frightened look he gives people when they smile at him or try to strike up conversation. It's of the "are you crazy?" variety of stares. Scratch that. Nothing makes me smile more than that except when he's sporting blue whiskers and a painted-on cat nose.

We left with a bottle of local honey, a dozen cage free eggs and the remorse you feel when you do your grocery shopping the day before the farmer's market and realize you paid $5.28 for the same strawberries that are 2 for $5 at the farmer's market. Ethan still managed to snack his away around the market, enjoying delicacies like chocolate dipped pretzels and bites of mommy's half-sour pickle and a quickly-devoured Elmo cupcake that Grandma bought especially for him.

And so it's finally, finally Fall, disguised amongst the warm temperatures and the humidity rich in the air.


  1. I love the farmer's market!
    And my mom bought Gage a wagon for Christmas... We can't wait to use it in the spring!
    Oh, and I love the little nose and whiskers...precious!

    1. He's going to LOVE his wagon! It's now Ethan's favorite thing.

  2. Crazy! It's so cold in Michigan. How I long to leave my house and not freeze.

    1. I wish it were just chilly enough to warrant cute winter clothes!

  3. Oh my gosh. Ethan and THAT cupcake!! It doesn't get much cuter than that.

    1. I'm jealous it's socially acceptable to shove icing in your mouth when you're a toddler, lol!

  4. This post make me long for a bit of time in your corner of the world! What I'd do to take my kiddos to a spacious farmers market in a radio flyer! We actually have a great farmers market in our NYC community - but I long to slow down the pace a bit too. Ethan is so so cute..I'm loving the pickle photo too.

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