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On Sunday night, my husband and I went on our first date night sans baby in over a year. Our last wedding anniversary, we took Ethan to the Rainforest Cafe. Yeah. It was time. Ethan is almost eighteen months old and would be able to survive without me for a couple of hours while happily playing with Grandma in the comfort of his own home -- I knew this. Still, it didn't make it easier. I was excited about our date night out but still hesitant to leave Ethan. I had to control myself from sending text after text to my parents, demanding photographic proof of Ethan's well-being and confirmation of receipt. (Wonder when they'll offer to babysit again!)

Surprisingly, I was able to let go of my leaving-baby-behind trepidation and enjoy our night out. And where did we spend our first sans Ethan date night? In a smoky little club at a New Found Glory show. It was the 10 year anniversary of their Sticks & Stones album. Our one year (dating) anniversary was spent at the release party of that album and, naturally, the ten year anniversary tour pulled at my nostalgic heartstrings -- despite the fact that the "punk rock scene" no longer feels as natural to me as it did ten years ago. You know, instead of getting bruised and battered and shoved up against the stage as we happily did it at 16, we instead stood along the back wall. I'm not sure who else out there remembers New Found Glory, but they're our hometown band. The last time I saw them live was in a local park my junior year of high school. Their music was part of the soundtrack of my relationship with my husband, the music that brought us together and made us fall in love with one another. And, really, there's still something magical about a hometown New Found Glory show even if I suddenly felt ridiculously out of place from a scene that used to feel so natural to me just ten years ago.

Apparently I was all into taking cues from my hardcore teenage self because when we got home, I got to work putting the finishing touches on the decor and activities for Ethan's holiday party. Perhaps a little masochistic on my behalf but I planned a big holiday party for Ethan and his pals the morning following our date night. Because, you know, when your ears are ringing and your hair smells like stale smoke, all you want to do at midnight is starting mixing and bagging salt dough until the wee hours of the morning. It's funny, we had our date night out and it was a blast but the mom in me felt much more in my element sorting candies for gingerbread house decorating and getting the activities together for the kids. It worked out in the end because despite a few hiccups, Ethan's holiday party went off without a hitch. My dad came dressed as Santa and since each parent came with one wrapped gift per child, Santa was able to give a present to each child in attendance. Everyone had a good time and that warmed my worn out, tired little soul.

Gingerbread house decorating out of graham crackers and holiday wreath making using paper plates and tissue paper shreds

Yamila from Beloved Oceana and her little girl, Joey, were able to come and that made me so happy! Joey is so sweet!

It's funny the places ten years will take you. Ten years ago I was sixteen years old, unsure of what was cooler, the fact that I was celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend or the fact we were spending it at a New Found Glory album release party. Now I'm 26, married to said boyfriend and coming home from a New Found Glory show to knead salt dough for our toddler's holiday party. It's crazy the places life will take you, but in a good way. It's been a good ride.


  1. Omg I love NFg! I was that 16 year old too! My friends and I used to go see them, good Charlotte, mest, fall out boy! We used to say we knew of all those guys before they were big. We used to go see them in tiny places! So much fun!

    1. I knew I liked you! ;) New Found Glory shared our tiny little hometown and we grew up on them and with their families. Having them from our itty-bitty hometown really inspired this huge punk rock scene out of the boring suburbs...everyone was in a band, music was our life at that point in time. My husband was a bassist in a band in high school -- that's essentially how we got together! THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

  2. I find it fascinating that some kids are amazed by Santa and some would totally punch him in the face if they could! haha. By the way, you are better than me, the first time my daughter went to hang out with her grandparents, I was indeed sending text after text...haha. isn't it nice to get that first time over with though? haha. by the way, I just found your blog through the GFC blog hop! excited to be your newest follower :) Sounds like our kiddos are super close in age...it's always fun to follow someone with a similarity like that!

    1. Haha, it's so funny! I still insist that Ethan knew it was his Grandpa or he would have been bawling! He's going through this weird shy phase where he likes to hide his eyes and pretend no one can see him, so certainly he wouldn't have otherwise tolerated Santa! Ha!

      Thanks so much for your comment -- it's always nice to meet people with similarly aged little ones! <3

  3. Ha! One of our first big dates was to Warped Tour in Denver. I'm not sure I could handle that today. Congratulations on ten years!

  4. HI there!!! I came across your blog and love it:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!! I have become your newest follower!!! I'm Hanna and you can find me anytime at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  5. Oh this looks like so much fun! And those little gingerbread houses are too cute! I just discovered your blog through the hop, I'm following on GFC now and very much look forward to reading more Lindsay!

    Lauren x

  6. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Great pictures! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)


  7. aahh NFG. i recently downloaded some of their old songs, brought me back to the days when i thought i could skateboard. fail! it was still fun while we tried and made a fool of ourselves at flow skatepark.
    Joey and I had tons of fun at the holiday party. it was nice to be around other toddlers, even if she refuses to socialize..its a start. Ethan is friggin' adorable and this hiding stage he is going through is too cute for words! haha, i know you don't feel the same way


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