tot school - 17 months

After a couple of months of focusing on all of the colors, we started individual colors. This past week was our first week of focusing on one color at a time and we began with RED WEEK! Ethan has started to be able to recognize the color red already ("What color is Elmo?") so it seemed like a good place to start. It was actually a really great week in Tot School and Ethan really liked all of the activities, save for one. Still, a success!


From top:
1. Red Apples - I had a black and white print-out of an apple tree and printed another copy of the apples colored in red. The goal was to move the red apples to their place on the tree. Ethan loves apples so I thought he'd like this activity. He was a little frustrated because he had a hard time getting the apples red-side up, but eventually he learned to push them to the correct place on the tree instead of lifting them up and placing them.
2. Red Sensory Bin - This sensory bin was seriously all odds and ends that I managed to find at a dollar store the day prior. A lot of Christmas decor, some red bells on a string, a red tambourine, a red bird ornament, some red pom-poms. Ethan enjoyed the bells on a string and the tambourine most of all!
3. Red Straw Sorting - I had some red and white straws leftover from Ethan's birthday party so this seemed like the perfect time to use them! I used a hole puncher to punch holes in the top to an old oatmeal canister and wrapped the base in red construction paper. I'm not artistic and my handwriting is atrocious, so my red lid decor ended up looking a little serial killer-esque. Ethan didn't seem to notice, as this was his favorite activity of the week. He loved sorting the straws into the holes in the lid!
4. Red Magnet Board - I've been dying to do a magnet board using a cookie sheet and this was the perfect time to do so. I printed out some of Ethan's favorite red items (his wagon, his Elf on the Shelf, raspberries, a red bird), laminated them and stuck some magnets on the back. Ethan loved using magnets to put the pictures up on the board. He especially loved putting his elf "in" the wagon. I think every item on the board got a turn "in" the wagon!
5. Sticker Color Matching - To not totally leave the other colors out, I stole this idea (with love!) from Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report. The goal was for Ethan to place the correct colored sticker into the appropriate box. Oh, he hated this activity. Not at first. At first, he loved that he got to use stickers. It wasn't until the tiny stickers started getting all mangled in his excited toddler hands that the tantrums started. I think this would have been successful if I used bigger stickers. He did surprisingly great in this activity as long as it lasted, only getting carried away and stickering everything towards the very end.


I printed out coloring pages of some of Ethan's favorite red things this week and he used dot paint to color them in. I offered crayons, markers this week -- but he only wanted to use the dot paint.

In addition to Ethan's fun red paintings, we also had another special arts and craft project this week! RED PLAY-DOH!

We used this recipe for the Play-Doh and it was a huge hit! Ethan loved playing with the "dough" (as he says) all day.


Ethan still has his favorite books from home he likes to read, but we kicked off red week by getting a library card and taking a trip to the library. Being in the library surrounded by all those books was a dream come true for silly Ethan who ran up and down the aisles and had an absolute blast.

The books he checked out this week were:

Moon Rabbit by Natalie Russell
The Hound From The Pound by Jessica Swaim
The Doghouse by Jan Thomas
Company's Going by Arthur Yorinks
All The Water In The World by George Ella Lyon
Itty Bitty Baby by Jane Feldman

Tot School Montessori Monday


  1. Oh how I love tot school posts. Ethan is adorable and his mommy always makes the learning so much fun. I forgot how much my kiddos love dot paint. I have to get some. As always, thanks for the great ideas. xx

    1. Thank you, Monica! <3

      I got the package of dot paint at Wal-Mart for $2! I saw the same package at Michael's for much more!

  2. The dot paint looks great. Where did you find it?

    1. Ethan LOVES the dot paint! I got a package of four colors (red, blue, yellow and green) at Wal-Mart for $2-and-change! I had originally purchased the same pack at Michael's crafts for about $7, so I returned that and kept the Wal-Mart one. I know they have different colors, too -- pastels, neons, etc. So much fun! Mess free painting! (Well, mostly. Toddlers always find SOME way to make a mess, haha.)

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