ethan's weekly eats are back

Ethan's Weekly Eats posts have taken a somewhat unintentional hiatus over the past few weeks. Ethan's still been eating (obviously) but I've simply been bad with documenting and jotting down recipes. Oops.

But our weekly toddler recipes are back -- and thankfully so is Ethan's appetite, which must mean his ear infection is on the mend!


Ethan loved these nuggets. I made plenty of leftovers so he had them for lunch a few times, sometimes on their own and other times dipped in marinara sauce or applesauce.

To make these, you'll need: finely chopped kale leaves, diced yellow squash (steamed), 1/2 carrot - grated using a hand grater, 1/4c wheat germ, 5 ounces applesauce or vegetable puree (I used steamed and pureed cauliflower), 1c (cooked) roasted brown couscous, a few shakes of Parmesan cheese and 1 egg.

In a medium saucepan, bring 1/4c vegetable broth and 1/4c water to a boil. I minced some fresh garlic and stirred it into the water-broth mix prior to boiling. Once boiling, add 1/4c couscous, cover with lid and reduce heat to low. Cook for 13-15 minutes.While couscous is cooking, mix all other ingredients into a medium sized mixing bowl. Once cooked, add couscous and combine. Form a dough with mixture and press into cookie cutter shapes on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake nuggets at 325 for 25 minutes or until brown and crispy on the outside.


Ethan and I are on a bagel kick lately. It all happened when we discovered all-natural Finagle A Bagel bagels at our grocery store -- and they were BOGO. (It was fate.) We also purchased some fresh, local eggs from an organic farm at our local farmer's market and I've been trying to incorporate eggs into more recipes, too. (I normally don't eat eggs!) For this lunch, I toasted one of our bagels and topped it with some sliced hardboiled egg. I topped it with some shredded cheddar cheese and some sliced up grape tomatoes (Ethan's favorite). I paired this with some sliced cucumbers (Ethan's favorite teething remedy!).


Ethan has been on a dog kick for a while. We had watched a YouTube video on Dalmatians while doing his breathing treatment and he was fascinated by all of the spots, so I tried to make something somewhat spotted for his lunch. I toasted a half of one of our bagels (told you, bagel kick!) and topped it with creamcheese and organic grape jelly. I topped it all off with some blueberry "spots."


While the couscous was cooking (1/2c water + 1/4c couscous), I chopped up an organic sweet potato and zucchini into small pieces and tossed them in a drop of olive oil on medium heat. Toss them around until cooked through and browned, seasoning to taste. (I added a sprinkle of cumin and black pepper.) Once the couscous is cooked, serve and top with veggies.


I know, another bagel recipe. I toasted a half of a bagel, topped with scrambled egg and organic spinach leaves. I topped it with a slice of muenster cheese and let it melt a little bit. I served this with some applesauce and grapes.


  1. Those nuggets look soooooo good!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I want those nuggets!! It's funny I came across this today because I made couscous for the first time yesterday and the kids looooved it, so I'm sure they'll love these!

    1. Yay! I can't wait to hear how they like them! Ethan loooooooves couscous, too!

  3. I wish I had the energy to make these meals for Leila. She is so picky and I get discouraged when she won't try something just based on how it looks or at the least touches it on her tongue then spits it out.

    1. I hear you! I always say that if I ever have another kid, it's my luck they'll be a picky eater and hate everything -- but I at least hope they'll sleep. Ethan is a bottomless pit, but he won't sleep. Haha. I always know something is wrong with Ethan (ear infection this time!) when he spits out food.

  4. Those meals look amazing! What great ideas for toddlers...or yourself!!!

    1. Thank you! I've found that Ethan prefers LUNCH as his "big meal" of the day and isn't big on breakfast or dinner, so I try to keep it interesting for him!

  5. This post came just in time! I have everything for the nuggets, just need to figure out how to make them egg-free. Hmm...I think mashed potatoes may work. Thank you for keeping up with Ethan's weekly eats, they really help inspire me to find healthy food for my littles.

    1. You know, one time I made kale nuggets and didn't have any eggs so I left them out and they turned out just fine! Mashed potatoes would work, too! Yummy!

      Thank you so much for saying that! It's my inspiration to stop being lazy and actually take pictures and jot down recipes!

  6. I love this! So wonderful you are feeding him good stuff!

  7. Finagle bagels are our FAVOOOOOOOOORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good idea on the hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, and cheese....you just informed me of my breakfast this morning :D

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