valentine party.

I love throwing parties. Any parties, really, but especially for Ethan and his friends. My husband likely has come to dread these parties, the stress-filled zombie I become in the days leading up to the party while still insisting that I love it, all of it. This morning he woke up at the crack of dawn to mow the lawn and trim the weeds and get our backyard a little bit up to speed because I had planned some grand soiree in our backyard for Ethan and all of his friends and, gosh, there were heart-shaped sandwiches to make and fruit to slice and...well, you get the idea. I might have pulled the whole thing off in sweaty, tattered clothing and hair in a ponytail (which, by the way, I've made a conscious effort about -- today was only my second day with unkempt ponytail hair in nearly two weeks!), but I did it, and without Starbucks, and it ended up being really cute. I love throwing these parties. I may or may not already be planning an Earth Day celebration, too. If only you could see the way my husband will inevitably cringe when he reads those words.

Ethan was a gigantic help preparing the snacks with me this morning. He had the task of putting the applesauce pouches into the display, of handing me the skewers for the mozzarella and tomato sticks, of helping me line up the snack cups perfectly on the red doilies.

As an activity, I set up a Valentine's photo backdrop for a mommy and baby photoshoot. (Don't worry, I sweetly reminded each mom to brush their hair that day in the invitation. A complete surprise factor would have just been cruel!) There was also a Valentine's Day frame decorating station where the kids could use some stickers and EZPaint to create frames to house their sweet photo they took with their mommy.

I'm not a mess fearing mom. The little muddy footprints on the tile, the backyard with plastic balls and empty waterbottles strewn about, the overflowing sand and water table -- it calms me, all of it. It all screams of life and happiness and play and all the moments I've always dreamed of before I was a parent, even the paint on the pavers or the applesauce fingerprints on the glass of the door. These things mean a successful party, mean the backyard that once seemed so empty and pointless when we bought this house nearly five years ago had been given some renewed purpose of entertaining ten little ones on a disgustingly hot day. When each swing on Ethan's new swingset is occupied and the yard is filled with laughter and play, it's a good day.

And I so can't wait to get this Earth Day party rolling.


  1. This is so sweet! I want to live near you (and invite myself to your parties!). The attention to detail is fantastic and this will be such a special memory for you and all of your friends!

  2. How fun and cute! You guys looked like you had a blast!

  3. Haha I can totally relate. Love parties but get anxious closer to the time of. Husband cringing, asking if it's really necessary. Yup. But it's all sooo cute. I have a daughter and she loves parties and decorations and goes aww cute every time she looks at garlands and decor in general. So yea, always nice to celebrate these special days.

  4. Wow what great details!! Yummy fruit cups!!

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