proof is an answered prayer, but ain't it a pity

Two days ago, it was Earth Day and it was a great day. Ethan didn't really want to eat his breakfast -- strange, for him -- but I chalked it up to being excited about our new shift in tot school activities. When he didn't want to eat lunch or dinner and woke up Tuesday in the absolutely most miserable mood ever, I knew it was time to stop chalking it up to teething or general toddler weirdness and brought him into our beloved pediatrician. I was expecting to hear "ear infection" but instead it was a red, swollen throat oozing with pus. Ouch. It wasn't strep, just a pesky virus that was likely all my fault since just a few days prior, I had remarked to a friend how lucky Ethan has been to not have been sick in a few months. The good news is that Ethan really, really likes mashed potatoes, soup and popsicles so this whole thing has gotten to be a lot less agonizing for him. I can slowly see his personality starting to bound back and I'm hoping as the next few days continue to pass, his appetite will return as well.

Can I take a moment to gush how awesome Ethan's pediatrician is? I feel like we hit The Pediatrician Lottery. Even in all his misery, he soaked up some snuggle time with his favorite doctor -- who brought us back to her desk plastered with his photos and artwork, not that he's going to inevitably have an enormous ego or anything -- and select a sticker of his choosing.

Anyway, back to Earth day, because it was a good day. After making our paper plate planet Earth, my dad gave Ethan a tour of the Everglades. We're fortunate to have the Everglades practically in our backyard -- something that's easy to forget on days where it feels like the suburbs are sprawling and infinite around you. It was only fitting to spend Earth Day surrounded by the beauty of the Everglades, soaking in the beauty of nature.

It's hard to believe that Earth Day was only Monday, and that today is only Wednesday, because these past couple of days have felt so long. Today has felt so long. Ethan and I went on six red wagon rides around the block this late morning, trying to forget the fact that it was almost 94 degrees out in an attempt to quench our boredom. I'm anticipating the morning when my little dude's first word upon waking up is "snack?" and he bounds to the kitchen in an attempt to drown himself in blueberries, applesauce and oatmeal pancake. If that day is tomorrow, I won't be sad about it.

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