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Well, this post is late. Very late. I'm considering myself lucky that it's even being posted on Tuesday, so it's not a total loss. We had some technical difficulties in which my pictures were completely eaten and pulled into some mysterious abyss somewhere, never to be seen again. I was a little upset to not have progress pictures of Ethan making our artwork this week, so we went ahead and made an extra today to at least have something. Other than that, I convinced Ethan to model yesterday's finished products today for a set of new pictures -- which he did, thanks only to the distraction of lunchtime and a plate full of his favorite pasta. This was supposed to be worked on and posted during naptime, but naptime didn't happen today. Still, like I said, at least it's still Tuesday, right?! ;)

The theme this week was:

Ethan is really starting to get into dress up play. He loves to make crowns and wear masks or costumes. Dress up and imaginative play has become a huge part of our daily routine. I had made Ethan a hat from a paper plate (that he painted) a couple of months ago for our color unit wrap-up in tot school and he absolutely loved it. He wore that paper plate hat until it's fateful demise one afternoon. Since he loves animals, I thought it would be fun to decorate these paper plates as "animal hats" (as Ethan calls them). This lead to a great deal of fun, imaginative play!

Yesterday, we made a "dog hat" and a "cat hat." I cut the ear shapes from construction paper in about thirty seconds while Ethan was busy painting his hats. I love listening to him determine which color he's going to paint each animal, like a blue cat or a purple dog is the most rational thing in the world. Kids are so awesome that way.

Once I attach the ears, it lead to a fun afternoon of play. Ethan spent a good forty minutes yesterday being a cat, wearing his "cat hat" and following our cats around meowing. Today while I made him model our animal hats to make up for pictures that were lost in yesterday's technical glitch, he most enjoyed being a "puppy doggy." He thought it was the funniest thing to be a "puppy doggy" and eating lunch like a person.

Since we just kicked off "E" week in tot school, I thought we could make a quick re-do today with an animal relevant to our tot school theme. An elephant it was!

The cutest elephant in all the land, if I do say so myself! ;) We spent the morning doing our "E" week tot trays with Ethan being an elephant.

Yesterday we also made another crown. Ethan's "C" week crown still sits in his dress up/costume bin and he still loves to wear it, but it's always fun to add more! Yesterday he was interested in making his using paint, feathers and some...black beans, which he found in one of our tot school drawers.


I thought I'd share some of my favorite wearable art posts to shed even more insight. These posts are most definitely musts to check out before your next art session with your little ones! (Just click the pictures to be directed to the posts!)

Happy painting!

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