there was laughing in the night, sugar in the shade

Yesterday was our family's "Easter redo." I spent Easter weekend fresh out of the ER and so very sick, racking myself with mom guilt over the fact my untimely illness had ransacked Ethan's holiday. He was just so very excited about "the bunny" and finding eggs and all of the typical Easter festivities that it broke my heart to think about him losing these things, even if he would have likely forgotten about it.

We did the next best thing and had my parents and sister over for an "Easter redo" Sunday morning. We colored eggs the night before and on Sunday morning I made a big breakfast feast of red velvet pancakes, apple and cinnamon quinoa, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and orange juice. We had breakfast with my family and then ventured out back to find the eggs that the Easter bunny had hid for Ethan.

Despite his anticipation over finding the eggs that "the bunny" would be leaving for him, Ethan was more or less unfazed by the colored eggs hiding in our lawn, on his swingset, in his water table. My mom had brought over a package of trick eggs that set off a confetti explosion when picked up and those were Ethan's favorite of all.

I think Ethan's favorite part about the day was having everyone over to have breakfast with him. My best friend was also in town briefly and stopped by to say hello (and she may or may not be helping me execute some pretty sweet plans I dreamed up for Ethan's upcoming second birthday but that certainly can't be disclosed just yet!). I grew up in a house with a lot of noise, chaos, laughter -- the way I'm sure my parents' house will always be -- and Ethan loves the general commotion, too. It's always nice for some life to be breathed into our little family's quiet little home.

It was a wonderful "redo" -- even if I was so busy cooking all morning that I was still in my pajamas once everyone arrived. Minor details.


  1. Looks like so much fun. Love the bunny hat Ethan was wearing!

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick over Easter :( But what a lovely re-do!!! Looks like Ethan had a blast :)


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