bugband deet-free insect repellent review

It's summer and it's Florida, so it's a safe bet that anytime we step outside, we're going to be eaten alive by mosquitos. We recently learned Ethan had an allergy to mosquito bites so, well, cue my higher than normal neurosis. Keeping a two year old indoors during peak water park season didn't seem like an option, either, so I was pretty stoked to try out these products from BugBand. There's a reason I've never touched bug repellent products in the past: chemicals. There was nothing reassuring about wiping chemicals all over Ethan's skin (or ours!) to keep him safe from bug bites -- if anything, it seemed almost counter productive, or like a definite lose-lose situation. The first thing that attracted me to BugBand was their chemical free ingredient list, with it's main ingredient being geraniol -- a powerful ingredient extracted from geranium oil. Not only does geraniol give off a fresh citrus smell, but it also manages to naturally fight off all sorts of insects from the mosquitos that plague us down here in Florida to flies, gnats and those pesky no-see-ums. They also repel fleas and are natural and safe enough to be tied onto your pet's collar to keep them safe -- naturally. Awesome, right?

The BugBand wristband itself also comes in a slew of colors to choose from. Ethan was able to try out the yellow, which is one of his favorite colors. Because I didn't want him sucking on the wristband, I attached it to his belt loop or his ankle each time we used it. The BugBand wristband can also be applied to strollers, pet collars or backpacks.

I had wanted to give this BugBand wristband a fair and thorough review, so the first time we used it was at the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Specifically, I fastened the BugBand wristband to Ethan's belt loop and off we went on a nature walk through the bug-infested wilderness.

By the time we made it back to our car, I noted that I had two mosquito bites on my ankle and one on my right arm. Ethan, however, walked away with none. I wanted to be sure it wasn't coincidental, so I made sure to apply the BugBand wristband anytime Ethan and I ventured outside. Two days later, we took it to another local nature center located right on the cusp of the Florida Everglades. I was eaten alive by mosquitos and other pesky little bugs, but Ethan again made it to the car without a single bite on him.

Whenever I would return home with bug bites, Ethan was completely off the hook. It didn't take me much time to confirm that strapping a wristband onto his belt loop was a whole lot better than having to administer Benadryl to my child who had hives swelling on his arms and legs after being bitten by a mosquito!

Most recently, we took a trip up to the middle of nowhere in Central Florida. We were surrounded by a whole lot of wilderness and, in turn, a whole lot of bugs.

On this trip, Ethan wore his BugBand wristband but still came home from one of our walks with mosquito bites on his legs. I was a little disheartened because I was sure the BugBand wristband worked great, until I realized that the lifespan of one wristband is 120 hours. We had totally exceeded that. (Totally my fault!) I will say that I thought the BugBand definitely worked wonders well over 120 hours, likely because I was adamant about storing it safely in it's original packaging and then tucked inside a ziplock bag for extra protection. At only $4.95 a wristband, these are an asset to every household with children who spend a lot of time outdoors and need some safe protection from unsafe bugs! Something else I liked about the design of this wristband -- which is also beneficial to those who apply these to pet collars -- is that it's designed with a break-away strap to free the wearer in the event of a tangle or snag. That makes it perfect for hikes or nature walks, too!

BugBand also offers a slew of other products in addition to their trusty wristband. Ethan and I were also lucky enough to try out their pump spray and towelettes. I was hesitant to try out both out of those horrible memories from childhood when my mom would slather us in that greasy, gross mosquito repellent lotion. However, I tried the towelettes first on myself and noted immediately that the lotion rubs in and dissolves quite quickly. There was no lingering greasy film left on your skin and the geraniol smell really is quite pleasant! Since they're so natural, you can also apply them to your face or neck for extra protection. Each little packet contains two towelettes and is able to be resealed. One towelette itself goes a long way and is good for several applications! I used the same towelette to apply BugBand on myself well over five times.

The spray lotion is for heavy-duty outdoor use -- probably a great thing to bring with us whenever we're back vacationing at my parents lake house and exploring all of the heavily wooded areas.

It's a very fine mist that you're able to apply on your clothing or your skin. The spray lotion also repels ticks and headlice in addition to fleas, mosquitos, gnats and no-see-ums! This would be perfect for outdoorsy people who camp or hike, as one application lasts for hours with heavy duty protection.

All in all, I'm an especially big fan of the BugBand wristband and would definitely purchase more to have on hand for our outdoor adventures. I also really loved the towelettes, especially for us grown ups (mostly because I always use sunscreen on Ethan while we're outside so I'd rather clip on a wristband than apply something else on his skin, too). Ethan was a huge fan of wearing his BugBand wristband and it certainly seemed to work wonderfully!

WHERE TO BUY: BugBand wristbands and products are available on their online store as well as several large retail stores, including Whole Foods or Target. You can find a store near you using BugBand's store locator!

Ethan and I received these BugBand products to facilitate a product review. No compensation was provided and all opinions expressed are completely my own.


  1. We found bugbands at Five Below for a dollar each. (That's a little better price.) Both of my boys swell right up from mosquito bites. Since we live right off the bay in Michigan bug repellent is absolutely necessary. These bands work pretty good.
    I also found an all natural balm that works good too. (Unfortunately I cant locate ot right now to give you the name.)
    Glad you found something to keep Ethan safe from the bugs!

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  4. Mosquitoes are usually ruthless; I usually encounter them whenever I am out camping in summer. So, I really appreciate the BugBand insect repellent band review. I will get a few of this product for my family. I also found some useful insect repellents here: http://wildernessmastery.com/outdoors/the-best-insect-repellent.html

  5. I am so glad you had positive experiences with BugBand. Unfortunately, my daughter received a chemical burn around her wrist that continues to bleed and blister a week after the injury first appeared! We have been to the doctor and continue to take medicine to help it heal. Beware when putting anything on or near your child's sensitive skin!

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