tot school - letter r - 30 months

Letter R week was a big success! Ethan more or less really enjoyed all of the trays this week, though I still think he's just incredibly grateful and relieved to be back to our tot school routine. We are both loving the big art gallery wall in our new tot school classroom -- but I totally forgot to snap a photo of our R-themed artwork before putting it away into Ethan's filing cabinet. Speaking of, anyone have any unique art storage options? I can't bear to do the take a photo and throw away thing, but we're up to the last bits of space in a three drawer filing cabinet and he's only two and a half. Yikes! Anyway, R week was a great week!



I know it's ROYGBIV, but I eliminated the "I" for the sake of this activity. I picked up some paint swatches at Walmart and found a great empty rainbow coloring page on Google. I wrote, in appropriately colored markers, the names of the colors and Ethan got to go to work making his rainbow. He loved this activity!


For this activity, there were 10 robots, each numbered. I wanted Ethan to practice recognizing his numbers like he has his letters. He was pretty excited about the robots in general that he didn't really want to use the tray as intended, though he did surprise me with how many numbers he could actually recognize! We tried putting these in order and counting a few times, but mostly he just enjoyed playing with them and making his "robot friends" play as if they were dolls.


This was probably Ethan's least favorite activity this week, mostly because we've done a lot of them already.


I gave Ethan a scrub brush and some rocks and let him go to work "polishing" them and observing them under a magnifying glass. I don't even want to begin to tell you how hard it was to find a magnifying glass. After striking out at three stores, I found one at Wal-Mart for $0.30. It didn't magnify anything. I ran into my friend's aunt who works with my husband while shopping and she told me she had an amazing magnifying glass for us to use. She sent it home with my husband the next day and, well, Ethan had his new favorite toy. He absolutely loved this activity!


For some reason, I had a bag of golf tees in our tot school supply bins and I paired them with an empty breathing treatment box to make something that sort of resembled a geoboard. I found some rubberbands in different sizes at Wal-Mart and Ethan had fun stretching them and making fun designs in the box. He also on his own discovered if he removed some of the pegs, he could make the rubberbands stretch farther and make different designs. He had a lot of fun with this one and before he would finish, he would remove all of the pegs so he could set them up to his liking the next time.


Ethan absolutely loves raccoons (he went as one for Boo at the Zoo this past year!) and so I hoped he'd like this activity. I found a free raccoon clip art image on Google and traced on a dotted line mask. I put it in a page protector and gave him a dry erase marker to trace on the mask. He liked it, but didn't actually trace on the mask. Instead, he colored in the mask (and eventually the whole raccoon).


For the first week ever, Ethan was relatively uninterested in the magnet board! Maybe it's because none of the words on the board were new to him, or maybe there were too many other fun trays to do. He only did it one or two times!


When Ethan was super sick a couple of months ago, Heather from And Then My Name Was Mama awesomely brought over a ton of rainbow rice for Ethan. We've been playing with it ever since and I knew it would make an awesome part of our R week tot school! I put some rainbow rice in a bin with some scoops, cups and an ice tray and Ethan had a blast "making muffins." He made muffins all week long with this activity and just couldn't get enough.


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  1. School Time SnippetsDecember 22, 2013 at 3:34 PM

    Wow! What an awesome week! So many great tot activities-- the paintchip rainbow and raccoon mask are my favorite : )
    Stopping by from 1+1+1=1 link up!

  2. Lindsay @ youaretheroots.comDecember 29, 2013 at 8:56 PM

    Thank you! I love how many fun things can be done with those paint swatches! Thanks for stopping by! <3

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