abstract christmas tree sponge & scrubber craft

Ethan brought me a sponge from our tot school supply drawers and asked me to cut it into a tree, because we did this frequently over Halloween and he thought it was super fun making a stamp from a sponge. As I was cutting, he went and got a scrubber and said he wanted to paint with it, too. No big deal, that's what it's there for.

As he stamped the scrubber over the green trees, we both noticed how much it looked like lights. Ethan was so excited and went to work making sure every last tree he stamped had lights, too. Yellow ones, he insisted.

I thought the end result was truly beautiful, and a wonderful holiday keepsake for little ones to make! After our initial tree painting, Ethan went back and made a couple more for friends and family members. The accidental crafts and projects always end up being my favorites!


  1. Beautiful, fun craft! My girls will love this one!

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