essential oils, doterra & a party

Last night Heather and I threw a doTERRA essential oils party. I'm still in the learning process when it comes down to essential oils. I have used a few drugstore grade oils before in making aromatherapy playdough for Ethan but other than that, I had never used essential oils until the week before Ethan's birthday when he got sick. As he sneezed and I unleashed my sheer panic his birthday party was ruined, my friend Erika came to my rescue with some OnGuard that I swear magically healed him. Since then, I've been pretty interested in learning more.

There is a whole lot you can do with essential oils. I'm pretty obsessed with OnGuard lately. I have it premixed with fractionated coconut oil in a travel vial for use on Ethan's feet after our mommy and me classes or times he is exposed to other kids and I also turned it into an air freshener (a couple drops in baking soda in a dish!) and a hand sanitizer. I swear it cuts Ethan's sick time in half and does the trick in fighting against the germs. It's probably a telltale sign that I'm obsessed with OnGuard when Ethan reminds me that it's time for his "oil for feet!" at the end of his gym class.

I also really like Breathe, which is an oil that (surprise!) helps you breathe when you're congested. When Ethan was sick, I put a couple drops on his chest before bed and it clears him up immediately. This also helps him sleep through the night so he's not constantly up sneezing, coughing, sniffling or just feeling congested and miserable.

I picked up a few more doTERRA oils at our party that I can't wait to try! Most urgently would be Deep Blue, which helps with soreness and muscle ache. I've been doing Orange Theory classes for just about a month now and I'm still waiting to not feel like my muscles are about to explode. I think I've officially taken the plunge into essential oils and I'm excited to get this journey started!

Do you use essential oils? Which ones are your favorite?

If you would like to shop our party, it will be open to online orders through Monday! You can do your shopping through our oil guru's website here. There is no specific way to select our party so after your shopping, just shoot me an e-mail and let me know you ordered!


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