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I'm so excited to introduce you to Tangled Tantrum today! Tangled Tantrum is a fantastic made-in-the-USA brand of kids hair care products, all of which are alcohol and paraben free! I've always been hesitant to use products in Ethan's hair other than his shampoo because of all of the nasty chemicals typically in them. The idea of putting alcohol and chemicals into his hair for cosmetic purposes made absolutely no sense, so I never did. I was so glad to see that Tangled Tantrum is as committed to getting rid of parabens as I am. If you're wondering why you should avoid parabens, it's because they're synthetic preservatives that can mimic hormones in the body and cause serious health issues. I absolutely love the awareness that Tangled Tantrum spreads on why these harmful toxins should be avoided when it feels like every other name in the field tries to hide their usage. Not only does Tangled Tantrum offer this sweet styling paste that I'm about to introduce you to, but they also offer everything from smoothing serum to detangling and conditioning spray to hair gel to their very own wet brush that eliminates tangles. All products, of course, are free from parabens and alcohol.

I was excited to try out the Separation Anxiety styling paste on Ethan's hair. I wanted to be able to style his hair and was sold on the Separation Anxiety by it's claims that it can help my little dude rock some serious spikes while also taming frizz. Ethan has my hair (the poor guy!) which means it's wavy, super thick and prone to frizz. The day our Separation Anxiety arrived, I couldn't wait to try it. The truth is, I had no idea how to style a boy's hair. My common sense told me to wait until my husband got home to give me a rundown on how to style Ethan's hair but my impatience wouldn't let me wait. So I jumped right in and did the only boy's hair style I knew how: the mohawk, of course.

Ethan pretty much thought I was crazy. I'm pretty sure he thought I finally lost my mind. Still, he just looked so cute!

The very first thing I noticed about the Separation Anxiety was the smell. It smells like a warm beach on a sunny day, like suntan lotion and coconuts and fresh air and salty breezes and heaven rolled up into one. I'm totally serious when I say one sniff of this stuff could relax anyone.

The next thing I noticed -- the relevant thing -- is that you only need a little bit of styling paste to style even a full head of hair. For Ethan's mohawk seen here, I used about a dime sized drop of styling paste. It was enough to hold up his entire head of hair and keep it upright for most of the day. I also liked how the styling paste did not leave his hair feeling crunchy like traditional haircare products but instead kept it soft. His hair also stayed moldable throughout the day. Hours later after a playground jaunt, I could easily style his mohawk back up after it fell without reapplying any styling paste. By bedtime, there was no greasy residue or product-dandruff whatsoever. His hair was still soft to the touch and it required no extra work to wash the remaining product out of his hair.

A week after first receiving our Separation Anxiety and forcing Ethan to walk around with a mohawk (it was just so cute!), Ethan had a haircut appointment. I asked our amazing hair stylist if he could give me the rundown on boy's hair styling that I so desperately needed. Even better was I brought our Separation Anxiety so he could show me using the same product we would be using. The result was awesome -- and, fine, maybe even better than my mohawk.

I've been having a blast styling Ethan's hair since we received our Separation Anxiety (and I got my crash course in learning how to style a boy's hair). I will say that the styling paste does do a great job at taming the little flyaway pieces and the frizz that pops up all around Ethan's head. Although not used to having his hair styled at first, Ethan now likes having me put the "hair vitamins" (as he calls them!) on his hair and I feel relieved knowing that I don't have to use any harmful chemicals to do so. I love Tangled Tantrum's dedication towards providing both a quality product and a safe product. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to hairpieces for children suffering from medical hair loss.

We are definitely hooked on Tangled Tantrum products! Our next order will definitely be the detangling and conditioning spray which contains soothing aloe and chamomile.

TO BUY: Head on over to Tangled Tantrum's website to do some browsing and shopping!

TO WIN: Tangled Tantrum are awesomely giving one of my readers the opportunity to win a tub of Separation Anxiety for their own little rockstar! This giveaway is open to US residents and closes on August 27th. Good luck!

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