tot school - the letter z - age three

And so ends our 2nd trek through the alphabet!

We will actually be taking a couple of weeks off of tot school starting tomorrow. After losing Wylie, we decided to spend what should have been her birthday week surrounding ourselves in Ethan's joy and being together as a family. We will be taking a little trip and focusing on healing. We'll pick up tot school with some fun new units when we get back and situated again into our "new normal" routine.

Z week was a fun week. We were busy with staying busy and spending time outdoors. Of course, a trip to the zoo was the best way I could imagine kicking off letter Z week -- plus a special "zoo lunch!"


I found this desk at Goodwill for $5 and couldn't resist, though I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. I ended up fitting it in a corner of our tot school classroom and decided to use it as a sensory play desk. It will be home to his sensory bins or "messy play" activities (playdough, salt trays, etc.) for the meantime until it gets a better use. During it's grand debut, I made some quick playdough mounds in a few colors and put them on a tray with some zoo animal cookie cutters as well as a letter Z. Ethan had a lot of fun doing this tray throughout the week...though he insisted on carrying the tray back to his regular table.


The point of this tray was for Ethan to identify each zoo animal on the sheet and decide what letter their name started with. Then he could choose the corresponding letter card and match it to the actual animal. This was the only tray he wanted nothing to do with this week -- it was a total bust!


For this one, I put some straws out in different sizes and Ethan got to build letter Z's. He had a lot of fun with this tray -- though after he had his fill with making the letter Z, he went on to build other things with the straws.


Ethan was so proud to do this one all on his own. He got to use his gluestick and piece together the pieces to create a Zebra face. He had a lot of fun with this one and was super proud of his finished zebra!


After the zoo, Ethan and I got to talk about what animals we saw and he drew his favorite ones down in his zoo log.


I was so excited about this one, but it didn't exactly pan out. Maybe I'm just being a perfectionist because Ethan loved it regardless. I had lost one of the zippers so it was already uneven, but the point was for Ethan to practice the practical life skill of zipping the zippers up and down. Even with hot glue -- and even with super glue later on -- the zippers just would not stay on. They kept flying off as Ethan pulled and I had to sort of hold them on. It was a team effort.


I was sure the zigzag dry erase tracing would be Ethan's least favorite this week, but he loved it! He was really into working hard at the zigzag lines.


We baked some zebra stripe cookies. Well, they originated as such -- once Ethan was finished with rolling them and cutting the shapes, however, they looked a little marbled instead! Still, it was a lot of fun and he loved sharing a few with his friends throughout the week.


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