6 Weeks.

It would really figure that on the morning of my very first doctor appointment, I am suffering from the worst bout of morning sickness so far. I haven't vomited yet but, in my opinion, those mornings where you're too queasy to move and too nauseous to vomit are worse than just puking and getting it over with. When I woke up this morning, my husband asked how I was feeling. I said I was hungry, because I was. I woke up to dreams of my ice, cold bowl of honey nut Cheerios. "That's not good," said my husband. "Why?" "Well, we're out of milk," he explains as he finishes off his bowl of cereal. I actually think I did a good job of swallowing my pregnancy rage. I'm sure he'll have a different opinion.

But then he redeemed his Caring Husband Points and made me scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. It was going great until, mid-bite, the nausea came forward. It gurgled around in my stomach and made my head so disgustingly putrid that even two Preggie Pop Drops didn't do a thing. If I even shifted my weight to sit up higher on the couch, oh man, it was done. I hobbled to the bathroom to try to puke but nothing happened except for the most awful pangs of queasiness with each step I took. Then I realized this was the morning of my first doctor's appointment. Friggin' hell.

I did manage to take a shower, though. I stared at my toothbrush there on the counter, knowing I would have to put on some toothpaste and brush my teeth soon. Toothpaste has been my #1 Pregnancy Nemesis so far. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I would probably have just chewed a stick of gum and called it a day if it wasn't for the fact that I had my first doctor's appointment today. And, really, do I want to go to the doctor not only looking like hell but smelling like hell, too?

Post-shower, I rubbed lavender oil on my temples and picked up my toothbrush in one hand. I could do this. I could do anything. I did it, actually, without vomiting -- but I'm pretty sure I feel even sicker now. I have that whole kicked-in-the-stomach tummy-flu feeling in addition to just feeling like I was struck by a bus. But at least my teeth are shiny and clean and, good god, my doctor better notice. No lie. She better say something like, "wow, your teeth look nice" or else I seriously may break down. Damn it.

Then as I was getting dressed, my jeans decided they weren't buttoning. That's not really funny because they're the same jeans I wore yesterday (don't hate, okay? I'm not a dirty, smelly person like this post is making me out to be -- I swear!). I wore them last night when we ran out for a few minutes and, you know what? They buttoned. Now they're not even coming close and I had to shove myself into my pants and lay on the bed to zip and button them. Add "extreme bloating" to my list of problems today and, of course, wouldn't it figure it's the day of my very first doctor's appointment.

I'm throwing in the towel, here. My doctor can deal with my bloated, nauseous, super pleasant (please note the sarcasm, okay?) self today...sans make-up. Because the last thing I want to do right now is run an eyeliner over my eyelids or try to make anyone believe that I feel anything other than absolutely miserable. It would just totally figure -- my luck! -- that the first day I'm bringing a puke bag in the car with me would be my first doctor's appointment. Aw, man.


  1. I hope your 1st appointment went fabulously and she notices your awesome teeth!

    6 weeks on the dot is when my awful morning sickness started. It was awful going to doctor's appointments when I felt like I was going to puke everywhere. Hang in there!

  2. I never had puking morning sickness but I definitely had the awful nausea that you are having!! It is the WORST! I drank a lot of sprite my first trimester!

    I hope your doctor's appointment went fabulously!

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