I'm not even 7 weeks yet and pregnancy is totally kicking my ass. I'm quite convinced that I never knew the meaning of the word "fatigued" before I was pregnant. Here's what else pregnancy has been teaching me lately:

  • "THE QUESTIONS." One of my co-workers who knows about my pregnancy said that I should get ready to start answering "the questions." I stared at her with a blank stare until she elaborated: "Do you plan on breastfeeding? Will you go back to work? Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" (et cetera -- these questions never end!) She was totally right. I feel like I need to carry a taperecorder with me so I can just keep pressing 'play' when "the questions" start: "Do you plan on breastfeeding?" (Yes.) "Will you go back to work?" (No.) "Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" (Boy.) "Is your husband excited?" (Obviously.) And so on. And so on. And so on.
  • BELLA BAND. I bought my first one today. Well, I got two: one in black, one in white. I tend to wear white undershirts outside of work and black undershirts with my work uniform, so I'll give both colors a go. It'll be a nice alternative from only wearing leggings everywhere.
  • LEGGINGS. Continuing off my previous bulletin, I at first thought it'd be fun to ditch jeans for leggings when my pants started having trouble closing. The first day in leggings was great. Then I started to feel like there are only so many ways to dress up leggings so you don't look like a little girl in ballerina tights. Now I'm ready for jeans again.
  • CRAVINGS. Ugh, I've seriously been craving eggs. Eggs. How disgusting and random is that? Considering I literally hated eggs pre-pregnancy (you have no idea...I couldn't even look at eggs if other people were eating them), this has been super strange to me. I demanded that my husband make me eggs for dinner last night. I've had eggs for breakfast or for lunch over the past several days. We have literally gone through a carton of eggs in a week whereas normally we end up throwing out all of the eggs that have gone bad in back of the 'fridge. It's frightening. Right now? I could totally go for some eggs. Disturbing.
  • MORNING SICKNESS. This is my least favorite part. I'll take the tights and the eggs anyday over waking up to my head rocking back and forth like I'm in the middle of the ocean. Because my grogginess is so bad that I literally think my head is rocking back and forth with it when I wake up. My queasiness is so bad that I either spend my first hour awake in the bathroom or on the couch sobbing that I'm going to die. I never really die, but driving to work with an empty plastic cat litter box in the passenger seat (for puking in, of course) is getting old.
  • FORGETFULNESS. I literally can't remember a damn thing. I'm absolutely worthless. At work, this could end up totally becoming a problem...but it's no picnic in everyday life, either. As an example: this morning after shampooing, I put conditioner in my hair and combed it through as per usual. I then turned the shower off and climbed out. I got dressed, got ready to go to Target and went to pull my hair up -- only to find it was filled with conditioner. I didn't rinse it out. I didn't remember to rinse out the conditioner! Like, what the hell? Though today's example is totally the worst, I'm guilty of forgetting some very basic things and I feel like I have the attention span of a teenager.

...But there are also good things. Even though I know it's too early and everyone will roll their eyes and laugh at me, we've started reading bedtime stories to baby. This has become my favorite part of the day, hands down (and not just because it means I finally get to go to sleep!).

I also love knowing that next Christmas, there will be a little baby to buy things for and take to the Christmas tree farm (you know, the Florida version) and sit on Santa's lap and do all sorts of fun things with. It makes me want to fast-forward through this Christmas and just go to the next one (and not just because I want this morning sickness/Pukefest 2010 to be over with).

And, obviously, there's the sheer excitement that manages to outweigh the nausea or fatigue or forgetfulness. It's been an interesting journey already!


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel so sorry for saying this but the whole forgetting to wash the conditioner out of your hair thing made me "lol". Pregnancy will totally do that to you. It will also make you do crazy things like putting your milk in the kitchen pantry instead of the refrigerator after you're done pouring it, or using body wash in your hair instead of shampoo.

    That's so cute that you're reading to your belly! Even though the baby won't be able to hear things outside the womb until he/she is at least 18 weeks, it's still great practice for when baby is actually born and you get to read to him/her.


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