Goodbye, Pants.

Today I did something super embarrassing.

I went to work with my pants undone. Not just unbuttoned, but unzipped, too. I wore leggings under my pants out of sheer terror that they'd fall straight off of me. (For the record, it came pretty close a couple of times.)

This crazy bout of bloat seemed to happen overnight. I've been feeling incredibly swollen and puffy the past couple of days, but this morning there was simply no way my pants were buttoning. It's crazy, because the damn things fit the day before. As the day wore on, they fit less and less.

(Is six weeks too early for a BellaBand?! Jesus.)


  1. Nope, 6 weeks isn't too early at all! You can wear a BellaBand as soon as your pants start getting too tight. You can just unbutton your pants and put the BellaBand on over it. It's much more comfortable! Bloating is very normal early in pregnancy. :)

  2. I was in maternity clothes at 5 weeks :) Sooooo bloated!
    I found you via Victoria's site and see you're in South FL. I am also in South FL! Bloggy mom get together?!


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