ethan's first christmas (eve)

In honor of Ethan's first Christmas, I decided we would host Christmas Eve at our home this year. Our home isn't big by any means so my husband was a little nervous about comfortably fitting upwards of 25 people. I was too busy slaving over a hot stove the entire week to worry about that and it was for the better as everything worked out wonderfully. (My meltdown over the fact that my snowmen cupcakes more accurately resembled George Washington was totally unwarranted. I can admit it!)

The catch phrase of the evening was definitely "where is Ethan?!" as he was being passed around to and from all of our friends and family members constantly! We have so much food leftover (oh, you want to admit that two hams, a turkey, 30 stuffed peppers and myriads of side dishes weren't necessary? NEVER!) and our house looks like a bomb detonated smack dab in my living room but that's okay because it was a wonderful Christmas Eve and so worth it all. When your home is completely filled wall to wall with friends and family members, there's really not much better.

My husband is in the throws of revamping his home office so Ethan and I had gotten him two enormous framed motivational posters a la Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. He did equally great this year as I opened a gift certificate for my hair salon and my favorite spa. Did I mention that in addition to a pedicure and an hour long massage, my spa package includes quiet time in a plush robe with time to quietly, calmly sip herbal tea?! Never were more blissful words spoken.

Ethan is in the midst of his morning nap (all of this Christmas stuff wore him out!) and we'll let the Christmas Day festivities begin. I thought I'd take this time to document Ethan's first Christmas Eve, made possible (and special) by all of our wonderful family and friends, near and far!

And how did Ethan fare? Well, he had no troubles getting to sleep to ensure he was immersed in dreamland before Santa's arrival!

...Did I mentioned he was completely spoiled?! (To our friends and family: you guys are crazy but we love you anyway!)

Merry Everything from Ethan (and us, too!) to everyone!


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