this air is blessed, you share with me

If there's something I've learned about being a parent during the holidays, it's that there can never be enough handprints or footprints. This morning, Ethan and I met our playgroup at a local ceramics studio. It was two hours of stamping painted baby hands and feet onto ornaments, cookie platters and other holiday decorations. And the cute? Oh, the cute was overwhelming!

Just yesterday, Ethan and I stole a fantastic idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Natalie at Growing Up A NJ Wife, and made salt dough ornaments. These ornaments? Yep, you guessed it: imprinted with the cutest little baby hands and feet!

We made our salt dough ornaments right before our bedtime routine began. Ethan used his last bit of energy to curiously watch his feet and hands press into the crumbly dough and, after he was cleaned up, he was out. I couldn't wait to show him his ornaments hanging on our tree when he woke up this morning. The perfect touch to a perfect tree? I'm thinking so.


  1. sooo cute!! he looks so cozy in his seat! Those are some GREAT ornaments, nothing could beat em.

  2. i did those salt dough ornaments with the girls this year also!! we made one for each set of grandparents and it was their christmas gift to them :) soooo cute. you just reminded me i need to do another set for my own tree!!!

  3. ps- i spray painted their's in a really pretty gold and when that dried i spray painted a clear sealer over it and topped it with a glittery red ribbon!! they turned out so nice!


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