shimmer like you do to me; we laugh at all those changing trees

As the days dwindle down closer to the holidays (and our family vacation), we've also found ourselves smack dab in the middle of my husband's "busy time" at work. Given the later hours at his job and added craziness of Christmas shopping and trip planning, my husband suggested we decorate our tree this morning at six o'clock.

When he let me in on this idea of his last night before bedtime, I'll fully admit I wasn't completely sold. Ethan, however, must have subconsciously been on the same page as his daddy because he was up at 5:45 this morning seemingly ready to decorate! Last year we spent the holidays out of town at my family's lake home so it's been a bit of a challenge to remember where all of our decorations were being stored and kept here in our home. It's not ideal to realize we need more strands of lights or ornament hooks at six o'clock in the morning, but this crack-of-dawn tree decorating was a perfect and special memory for Ethan's baby book.

Our tree is full of memories. Decorating the tree, for me, is always about nostalgia and warm memories and love. Our tree is filled with ornaments celebrating milestones, anniversaries, in remembrance of loved ones and documentations of family. This year our new addition ornament was celebrating Ethan's very first Christmas and it fit beautifully on the branches of our tree amongst all of our milestones that we've seen and have shaped us over the years.

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  1. You have some beautiful Christmas keepsakes. Ethan's is so cute. I am not sure I would be sold on 6 am decorating either...

  2. Where did you get the locket ornament? I have been looking for a nice sturdy memorial ornament for The Mister. The one we had for his brother shattered last year when our tree fell.

  3. @Natalie: I'm not sure...when my grandmother passed away, a bunch of my friends got together and had that made for me. I *think* it may have been Things Remembered or Personalization Mall, but I'm not sure.

  4. We are Christmas ornament addicts in our house. My mom started it! We have ornaments from every year growing up, and every year we get more! Logan actually has the same "Baby's First Christmas" ornament! I just LOVE ornaments because they tell a story about us, you know?

    The Bubbie ornament is so, so precious <3

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