ethan's first disney trip

My husband and I are not Disney people. To put things into perspective, other than spending a couple of hours in the park with some friends while I was pregnant, my last Disney trip was while Roseanne was still filming. My dad and I sat and watched John Goodman film a scene and then begrudgingly joined the rest of my girl scout troupe to waltz through the park like there was something interesting about it. I just don't like Disney. I know, it's harsh, and it's probably also nonsensical that I was eagerly booking Ethan's first Disney trip when he was just a month old. I suppose it's just one of those rights of passage that we Disney-hating Floridians must make our children experience while donning them in the cutest Mickey Mouse gear and acting like we're really into this, too.

Like just about everything else, Disney is way more fun when you have a little one with you. My husband took Ethan on Dumbo and I had the best time with him on the It's A Small World ride. It was hilarious and adorable watching him grab Mickey's nose and yank on Pluto's whiskers while they visited our table at breakfast. It was way, way too cute watching him don his embroidered Mickey ears and watch the parade in amazement. And later on that night when we took the craziest bus ride over to Hollywood Studios to see their light show? Well, it was the greatest feeling to watch the wonderment and amazement in his eyes as the lights danced above him.

It was a trip filled with, uh...

...Disney magic. (And a car that broke down an hour and a half from home on the truckstop on-ramp to the interstate that resulted in me losing a shoe, acquiring a ton of disgusting flea bites and the added luxury of driving around a monstrosity of a rental minivan while we pay out the nose for my precious car to pull through. But who's dwelling?!)

I'm not ready to say that I like Disney (won't happen!), but I loved spending the weekend with my family and all of the happy memories that Ethan's first Disney trip conjure up inside of me. (Minus, you know, the whole car breaking down thing but again who's dwelling?!)

After a busy day at the Disney parks, we took a more leisurely approach to Sunday. We visited a Christmas tree farm in the area and let Ethan experience his very first time in a petting zoo. The tiny goats paired with Ethan may just have been the biggest dose of cute overload I've ever experienced!

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  1. I can relate with the whole disney thing. I somehow got lucky and gave birth to a kid that told me he would rather go to a beach then party with Micky Mouse lol.

    Looks like you guys had a good time for the most part!

    And Glad your Ethan is doing better!!


  2. i steer clear of orlando at all costs!

    cute cute cuuuuuuuute pictures :)

  3. Eh, Disney's not my thing either.
    P.S. Love his outfits!
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  4. Disney is Def. more fun with kid in tow! Glad you guys had a blast despite the bumps along the road. We took J Disney for the first time last Christmas - MOST BEAUTIFUL time to see Disney IMO.

    Ethan looked adorabs in his reindeer hat & mickey suit!


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