six months.

Today Ethan is six months old. I'm the mother to a six month old; a concept I'm having trouble grasping. Six months is half of a year, a milestone age that represents the halfway point between infancy and first birthday parties. In a few days, he will be starting his first solids and I'm struggling to hold onto these fleeting days of Ethan being my itty-bitty newborn.

As with most parenting endeavors, I've learned to not feel failure when my resolutions and best-laid plans end up being a bust. If you asked me last month where Ethan would be sleeping when he turned six months, I'd proudly boast that he made the transition to his crib just as I had planned. Truth is, Ethan is still shoved into his bassinet and sleeping pushed up against the side of our bed. It isn't completely my fault. Exactly one month ago, Ethan was in the throws of battling a nasty case of RSV and our plans to transition him to his crib were obviously put on the back burner in exchange for sleepless nights of monitoring his breathing even more meticulously than usual. He'll get there. I've also traded in my desperate concern for his sleeping habits for a desperation to keep him a baby forever. Six months. Did I mention that's half of a year?!

Ethan has his two bottom teeth and is working on some more, meaning he's rarely seen without his entire fist jammed into his mouth these days. Natural maple teethers have become a necessity in our daily lives, as has a $5 stuffed Winnie The Pooh that he slobbered on while holiday shopping at The Disney Store. (Years of working retail in college has taught me that if your child slobbers on it, you buy it!) Winnie has become our best friend these days, making Ethan fall into a fit of hysterics each time he "kisses" his nose. We've been spending wonderful, warm winter days (how's that for an anomaly? Thanks, Florida!) in the company of our new friends and My Gym playmates. Ethan continues to surprise me with how social and happy he is, never too overtired or agitated to flash a smile to a stranger who smiles at him in passing. A few weeks ago in Target, a crowd of tired, frazzled holiday shoppers -- all mothers to teenagers or adults, they pointed out, missing the charms of a baby -- gathered around him for games of "peek-a-boo!" and giggles that put a little more light in everyone's day. He's good at that, knowing just when to turn up the sides of his mouth in a coy and loveable little grin and flash a sparkle in his bright blue eyes.


  1. Love your blog. My lil man just turned 6 months old too. I am a new follower from the hop and would greatly appreciate a follower back. Merry Christmas and God bless.



  2. Grow up so fast huh? :).

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  3. He is so cute and looks just like you!

  4. He looks JUST LIKE YOU! Such a cutie. I can't believe he's six months old already. What an adorable baby -- and what an incredible mommy he has!

  5. He's so adorable!! It's amazing how fast they grow up.

  6. So adorable! Great pics! I am a new follower! http://www.gbedwright.blogspot.com/

  7. Oh my, he is adorable. I got a 4 month old, and like you, I feel he has grown too fast! :-))

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  8. What a beautiful baby! Enjoy every moment with him. They grow up soooo fast. My "baby" is now 32. :(

  9. great pictures! He is beautiful. I am a new follower from the hop, please follow back if you can.

  10. Those eyes! Amazing! Ethan is so adorable. Your blog header is breathtaking by the way.

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    I also have a weekend long hop and would love for you to share your link :)


  11. Just found your blog and seriously?!?! Could your kid be any cuter... ooh just want to squish him!!

  12. such a cutie!!

    Following you on GFC from the Weekend Blog Hop, please visit if you can!

  13. gets more handsome as time goes on!

    happy six month birthday to him :) start planning that 1st birthday! haha


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