I know. I know. This blog seems dreadfully neglected. Trust me, though, when I say we have been busy. If I wasn't so completely exhausted, I'd show you a map of Florida and show you all the driving we've done this past week to defend my we have been so busy theory. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for you, I'm too exhausted to bother. Trust me when I say we've been busy as well as absent for the very best of reasons: two of our best friends married one another this past weekend and we've been busy celebrating friendship and love. It was a week filled with wedding day preparations and parties and old friends and old college stomping grounds with our new baby boy and a beautiful wedding under the mossy trees and a pleasantly mild Central Florida sky. The wedding photographs aren't here yet (translation: I had the absolute honor of photographing the day and I'm still working on uploading the pictures) but you can bet I'll share them when they are ready. Is there anyone who doesn't love weddings? Is there anyone who doesn't love love? Is there anyone who doesn't want to see Ethan in a tie?

Until then, we've been busy unpacking and returning to the ever-growing laundry pile that is home. Ethan seemed almost eager for sleep tonight. It took only one reading of Bunny Cakes before he was out.

After all that overwhelming love and happiness, even He Who Requires No Sleep will require sleep. Life is funny like that.


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